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Your New Pool Needs an Attached Spa

You’ve got your beautiful new pool in the works and you’ve been thinking about an attached spa. Do you really need one to go along with your pool? In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of having an attached spa as well as what you can expect. attached spa

Attached Spa Benefits

People have had outdoor hot tubs for years but they have been detached hot tubs, usually on the deck near the house. In years gone by, having an attached spa was something you only saw at upscale hotels and people were pretty impressed by it. Now, more and more people have attached spas put in with their pools because of the benefits that spas provide. Many high achievers in sports and success use spas to help their muscles relax after hard training. Some people also do water therapy that entails going from hot water over to the cold water to finish up their routine. The health benefits speak for themselves and there are countless pages of research talking about how spas help people with their circulation and with stress reduction. attached spa

Attached Spa – Increase the Beauty

When you have an attached spa designed to flow with your pool, you will see there are limitless options but they can all be beautifully integrated with the pool you are putting into your unique spa. There are endless shapes you can choose to use for your spa. You can include lighting, make it an overflow spa and more. If you aren’t sure about all of the options available, make sure to reach out to one of our pool and spa professionals so we can help you get the results that you want.

What Is an Attached Spa Going to Cost Me?

attached spa When you are looking at the cost of an attached spa, there is a great variance as to how much it is going to cost you in the long run. One of the rules to look at is that your attached spa is going to cost about 10-15% of whatever your pool is going to cost you. While where you live in Vacaville is going to play into the price, there is also the cost of materials, labor, etc. that is going to play into the price as well. When you are looking at the cost, you will tack more onto the price with each feature you want to add to your pool or spa. Some are going to be more expensive to install as well as more expensive to purchase but there are many options to fit just about any budget.

There is no reason to guess how much your spa is going to cost you and there is no reason to wonder about the process. We have been working with pools and spas since 1988 and can help you through the entire process. Call one of our professionals today and we can walk you through from start to finish so you can get the attached spa of your dreams.

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attached spa

Attached Spa Design Ideas for Your Pool

When you are thinking about adding an attached spa to your Redding pool, there are a lot of different options. It is almost a given that you are going to have a spa attached to your pool these days. In this article, we are going to give you some attached spa designs. attached spa

Attached Spa Design Ideas

Below are a few of the ideas you can use when you are creating your dream pool with an attached spa. If you want to get more ideas, you can speak with one of our pool and spa professionals to help you move forward in the process. #1 – Pool with Integrated Spa What it means to have a pool with an integrated spa is that the spa is located inside the pool and it looks like it is part of the normal shape of the pool. You could build the spa into a corner, the side or end of the pool. It depends on your pool’s shape as well as the location of your utilities. There is a dam that separates the two bodies of water so the cold pool water does not come over into the spa. #2 – Pool with Attached Spa With an attached spa, it is either built outside or right next to the pool. While this is much like the integrated spa, you can tell they are two separate places. You can make a spa that is any shape or size and some of the spas are made to blend in with the pool design but other designs are made to stand out and be different than the pool. #3 – Pool with a Raised Spa If you want your attached spa to stand out, you can get a raised spa that stands out beautifully, you can use a raised spa. Many of these designs have it where the water is overflowing from the spa. These are called raised perimeter-overflow spas. The walls of the spa are made lower than the water level and this allows the water to spill over the perimeter of the spa to the pool. What really happens though is that a small containment vessel takes the water and recirculates it back into the spa. attached spa

Your Attached Spa Dream Come True

As you can see, there are many different designs you can get for your attached spa to make it look unique to you so that it fits your personality and allows you to get the function that you want. There are plenty of things we can help you do moving forward to make sure you get your dream attached spa in your own backyard. Whether you know exactly what you want or if there are other things that you would like to speak over with our pool professionals, we will be glad to help you walk through each step of the process. Let us know what you want and we will help you get to that goal with our many years of experience. attached spa

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