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Why do you leave water in your Orange County pool during the winter?

As winter closes in pool owners are preparing to close their pools and wait for the next summer season. Closing your pool is not complicated, and by following the correct guidelines, you should be able to do it properly so that it is ready for use during the next season. You should avoid leaving your pool open during winter with no cover.  So, do you drain your pool of all the water or just some of it? Pool resources have information on how to maintain your pool as a pool owner.
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Natrual Water Spots

Beautiful Natural Water Spots in Atlanta

You can head to the community splash ground or hit the neighborhood swimming pool, but nothing says summertime like having fun in the natural water spots offered by mother nature.

Natrual Water Spots
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Below are some natural water spots and creeks that your loved ones can enjoy during summer in Georgia:

Tallulah Gorge

With a 2 mile long gorge that is 1,000-ft. deep, Tallulah Gorge is the deepest gorge east of the Mississippi, particularly when you consider the almost 2,700-acre Georgia state park right next to it. With plenty biking and hiking area, six waterfalls that result in the river to drop 500-ft. over a mile, and an 80-foot-high suspension bridge, it is spectacular. If you would like to hike the gorge floor, arrive early for a permit, and remember they are not available during water releases.

Cumberland Island

Visit the largest and southernmost barrier island in Georgia, and you will instantly feel like you are on your own private beach, where you can bird watch, take quiet walks, swim, fish, and more. All in the midst of beautiful roaming wild horses, lush vegetation, ancient twisted trees, and similarly ancient turtles. The most exciting part, particularly for anybody who is fed up with Atlanta traffic is Cumberland Island, which is a car-free area.
Natrual Water Spots
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Lullwater Park

In spite of being right in the middle of the city, Lullwater Park is a total haven. You cannot hear the vehicles driving by over the tranquil sounds of leaves rustling in the trees; however, you can zone out and experience the old water mills. Lullwater has everything: stunning serenity, multiple trails, sun and shade, fishing ponds and calm running water, and open fields. It is nature’s remedy for relaxing after a day’s hard work.

Morningside Nature Preserve

This vacation spot is a secret even to most who reside in the surrounding area. It is a terrific spot for allowing dogs to frolic, trail running, hiking, walking, or just forgetting that an enormous metropolis is concealed behind the beautiful sandy beaches, creeks, trees, brush, suspension bridge, and trails. Truly, you will feel as though you got away without actually leaving the metropolis.
Natrual Water Spots
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Montaluce Winery

Located away in Dahlonega is a Montaluce, a breathtaking winery (and upscale restaurant) that provides fresh and artisanal wines. It provides stunning views of both the sprawling vineyards responsible for all that sweet vino and the North Georgia Mountains. It also provides events like holiday festivities, nature hikes, deluxe wine tastings, tours, and more.

Arabia Mountain

It is America’s one of only 49 National Heritage Areas, i.e, areas acknowledged by United States Congress for their incomparable contribution to the history of the nation. Arabia Mountain’s large exposed granite faces disclose its history as a quarry: abandoned structures, cut granite slabs, and drilled cores scatter along the mountain’s numerous trails. At present, Arabia is an undisturbed world of young forests, wetlands, exposed granite punctuated by lakes, and grassy meadows. It is one of the most preferred hiking spots in metro Atlanta and makes for a terrific urban getaway. What are you waiting for? Visit the natural water spots in Atlanta for a lifetime experience!

Beautiful Natural Water Spots in Atlanta

Aquatic Centers

Take a Cool dip in Illinois Aquatic Centers

Nothing is more rejuvenating than spending your time in the swimming pool on a scorching day. What good way for you to cool off than to head over to some of the Aquatic Centers in Southern Illinois?

Below is a list of some of the aquatic centers, swimming pools, and beaches you can stop by in the upcoming months:

Aquatic Centers
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Little Grassy Lake Campground Beach

This fun spot offers fishing and boating Grassy opportunities for bluegill, crappie, bass, and catfish. Where 31 miles of wooded rocky shoreline, a thousand acres of crystal clear water, up to 80-ft deep, four miles long, and one mile wide create the most picturesque lake in southern Illinois.

Aquatic Zoo

Check out Mt. Vernon’s preferred summer vacation spot, the Aquatic Zoo in Lincoln Park. The Aquatic Zoo Waterpark is entertaining for both young and old. The facility has a lazy river, one 266-ft. dual rider tube slide; two 30-ft. tall slides; light features and interactive voice; one 112-ft. body slide; a splash pad for kids; two diving boards. You can spend a few hours, or perhaps the entire day with friends and family. Lounge away in the Lazy River, dare the water slides or jump from the high-dive. Do laps in our 25-meter swimming pool or have fun in the zero-depth entry pool. Can your children make it across the log bridge without plunging in? Sun, splash, swim or soak at Mt. Vernon’s Aquatic Zoo.
Aquatic Centers
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Super Splash Park

When you think about a water park, you most likely imagine kids splashing and having the best times of their life. That is true for Super Splash Park located in Carbondale; however, there is more to it than that. The relationship and trust that is between the trainee and the instructor is amazing. The training sessions are for both young and old, together with special swimming classes for your furry friend. It is all about having confidence in another person.

Pounds Hollow Recreation Area

This recreational spot is open from dawn to dusk, May through September. Pounds Hollow has no lifeguard on duty. A fishing pier, campgrounds, and day-use picnic areas are available. Metal or glass containers and pets are not allowed.
Aquatic Centers
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Mahoney Park Pool

The pool has been full of activity this summer helping adults and children to cool off in the afternoons and evenings. The park features two winding water slides. They let parents enter and catch children as they descend the slides. The wave swimming pool is a huge hit for many swimmers, whether they are swimming in the waves or they have a tube. The waves begin different intervals and the screams of laughter start. The wave swimming pool is a beach entry.

Take a Cool dip in Illinois Aquatic Centers

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Mid summers nights dream (by the pool)

Mid Summer Nights fun usually brings with it recollections of time spent by the swimming pool, evenings at the movies, and fantastic backyard barbecues with family, neighbors and friends.  How about merging all three into a poolside movie night party with those you love?

Below are a few tips for Mid-Summers Nights fun for neighbors and friends:

mid summers fun

Your technical set-up should be optimized

You might need to engage the help of an expert to make sure that the visual and audio elements of your technical set-up are running smoothly. For the backyard projector screen, think of hanging a big white sheet on the side of your home, or positioning it at a sensible spot by the swimming pool such as the fencing surrounding your pool. If you do not have an audio equipment or projector readily available, think of asking a friend to lend one to  you, better still, renting equipment that can help you with all you will need for the night might be a good idea.   Ensure that you set up any technical equipment at a secure distance far from the pool water and that you carry out a “test run” in advance to troubleshoot any problems.

Be sure to include a variety of seating options

Odds are not everybody will want to lounge in the swimming pool while enjoying the movie. When setting up your seating and keeping in mind these guests, ensure that you include enough seating in the form of backyard furniture situated behind the swimming pool. For people in the swimming pool, ensure that you have plenty of pool floats available, enlisting some guests to come with their own if needed.

mid summers funChoose the best time

Typical movie nights that involve blankets, backyard furniture, and pillows can often cope with less-than-comfortable nightly conditions; however, for a poolside movie night, you will need to ensure that the date you schedule for will probably have comfortable nightly conditions even for those in swimsuits. Obviously, seating with blankets outside by the swimming pool like on your grassy lawn will serve people who may be too cold in the swimming pool.  If you are anxious about the night getting too cool for your backyard movie showing, consider building  a nice, warm fire in your fire pit nearby too. This gives a nice solution should the night turn cold.

Pick the best movie

You will need to choose a night movie that is crowd-pleasing to keep as many guests pleased as possible. You also should try to shy away from heavy action films and horror movies that may bring about screaming and be an interruption for neighbors.
This photo of Thang Long Water Puppet Theater is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Plan out your refreshments

Barbecue staples such as hot dogs and hamburgers are always popular at mid summers fun, and these dinner-type meals might motivate people to consume their meals and snacks before the film starts instead of bringing them into the swimming pool. Just be sure you stow them away in a refrigerator or cooler when your guests have finished eating rather than leave them out for hours. If you have a poolside lounging spot  or an outdoor kitchen for movie watching also, you can feel free to add other refreshments such as popcorn and ice cream without having to worry a lot about messy delicacies being tracked into your swimming pool. With the above ideas, everyone should be looking forward to mid summers nights movie by the pool. What suggestions have you got for that Mid-Summers nights fun by your own pool?

How Can I Finance My Swimming Pool?

From unsecured loans to secured home improvement loans, our partners offer a variety of pool loan financing options with a typical turnaround time that ranges between 24 and 48 hours. They offer fixed rates with no prepayment penalties which allow you to get your swimming pool when you want it – NOW! We also recommend talking to your local lender or credit union as they may have programs that are not published. For specific details, contact your local Premier Pools and Spas branch.

Summer Vacation? Keep Your Pool Clear While Away!

Do you have plans for going for summer vacation, and perhaps not sure what to do to your pool while  away? Below are a few tips of how to keep your pool clean while away.

Leave somebody in charge when on summer vacation

It is essential to have a family member or neighbor stop by at least two times a week while you are away, to add several products to the swimming pool to ensure that it stays well maintained during summer. Before leaving, have them come over and show them these few essential things:
  • How to switch on/off the filter system.
  • How to check if the filter requires cleaning or backwashing; show them the way this is done.
  • How to examine the water with your test kit or test strips; show them the proper ranges.
  • Show them where the chemicals are kept.
  • Clarify each chemical and the right dose for each.
  • Show them where pump and skimmer baskets are and show them the way to clean them.

Have your water examined before leaving

Get a sample of your swimming pool water to your local pool store and have it expertly examined. Ensure when you get it examined that you fix any issues before going. You want to ensure that your alkalinity and pH are balanced correctly and your levels of sanitizers are right.
  • pH: 7.4-7.6 ppm
  • Alkalinity: 100-150 ppm
  • Calcium Hardness: 175-225 and 225-275 ppm for plaster swimming pools
  • For Salt Water or Chlorine Swimming Pools: 1-3 ppm
  • For Bromine swimming Pools: 3-5 ppm
  • For Biguanide swimming Pools: 30-50 ppm
  • For Mineral System Swimming Pools: 0-5 ppm of chlorine

Pool covers and solar blankets

Remove your solar blanket from your swimming pool before you leave. It will just heat your swimming pool and decrease the effectiveness of your system and skimmer. Purchase a mesh swimming pool cover for safety and put that cover on the pool before leaving. Getting a safety cover on the swimming pool not only keeps your pool clean but also increases sanitation and filtration.

Secure your swimming pool safety

You can never be too careful with regards to swimming pool safety. It is important to keep barriers around your swimming pool; in case a neighbor’s children attempt to swim in your unsupervised swimming pool you will be pleased you did. Locking the fence can assist in preventing a disaster while you are not around. Make sure you do not leave a solar blanket over the swimming pool; this will reduce skimmer effectiveness and can be a safety risk if somebody falls on top of it. summer

Set your pump timer

If your pump does not have a timer, purchase one. Buying a timer will help you to save time in maintenance year round and money in energy costs. Set your pump to run 8 to12 hours every day. If you do not have a pump timer, it is advisable to have a swimming pool sitter manually switch it on and off or leave the pump continuously running.


Ensure not to switch off the filter system before going for summer vacation. The filtration system must run many hours every day. You can buy an automatic timer, which will run your filter at least 8 hours daily. If you do not have a filter, ensure somebody can keep an eye on the filter and swimming pool while you are away.

Summer Vacation? Keep Your Pool Clear While Away!


Summer Fun Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Do you have a small issue that is getting in the way of your beach dreams? Worried insufficient funds will get you down? No worries! If there is an issue, there is a hack. Discover a solution to your summer fun problems with 6 of our preferred hacks for the pool and beach.

Night swimming with glowsticks

Turn your family’s swimming pool into a classic underwater laser display by tossing in some glowsticks. These are quite affordable and can and are available in many stores. Your children will love you! They will be able to take a dip at night and will have a lot of fun searching for the glowsticks at the bottom of the swimming pool and bring them up to the pool surface. summer fun  

Create a floating cooler and take summer fun to a different level

Do you not detest having to exit the swimming pool to go and get your preferred ice-cold drink? Bid farewell to those days by creating a floating cooler from swimming pool noodles. The idea is easy and only requires a couple of minutes to create. summer fun

Accelerate sand removal

Baby powder is not only for baby’s bums, regardless of what the packaging informs you. True, it may help get rid of some of the foot odor, but it is also a beach bag essential. Preparing to go inside but feel as though your hands are covered in sand-gloves? Shake out a bit of baby powder and use it to remove sand. Not only are you going to be sand-free but you will even be baby-scented.

Become an s’mores expert

Summer fun is not complete without campfires and s’mores. But the worse time comes when you have to wait for your turn with a roasting stick. Using this hack you will make multiple s’mores for everybody at the same time. Purchase a new rake and you are all set. Not only is this an excellent investment for assisting you to make awesome summer fun treats, but you will even be in a position to use the rake as soon as fall hits.

Cool the burn

Aloe gels are good and calming sunburn relief. To enhance upon perfection, place your bottle of aloe into the refrigerator before going to the beach or swimming pool. The cool temperature will increase the relief. Whatever you decide to do, ensure you are using aloe gel, not some moisturizing skincare lotion with aloe. Lotion will only trap the heat from a burn, making longer your pain rather than relieving it. summer fun

Summertime reading bingo

This summer hack is fun for adults and children alike. Help your kids continue reading over the summer by taking part in summer reading bingo. Create a chart with your children and place it in the refrigerator. Give them rewards as incentives once they get a bingo. This hack does not need to be performed with reading only. Try it with anything that you would like your children to work on while they are out of school. Do not worry; you can try this hack even if you do not have children. Pick a habit that you would like to develop over the summer. Make your own bingo boxes and reward yourself every time you get a bingo. For instance, you can have the target to shed some weight before a certain period. One square would be to exercise with a friend and another would be to go an entire day without sugar. This is a more innovative and fun method to accomplish change in your life instead of simply checking off a to-do list.

Summer Fun Hacks That Will Change Your Life