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Premier Pool and Spas Annual Sizzlin’ Summer Pool Sale

Few things are more enjoyable than summer pool days with cool water to beat the high temperature while you soak up the sun rays and watching the children play. Let Premier Pool & Spas help you make that environment in your own outdoor space. You no longer need to load up all the pool toys, swimming gear and sunscreen to drive elsewhere.
Summer Pool sale
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The time is NOW to surprise your loved ones with a pool that will last for many years to come! Our biggest sale of the summer is here! The summer season is getting hot, and so are the discounts! Sizzlin’ Summer pool sale. Our annual summer promotion is here! Get away from the multitudes at the water park and the beach. You will find that there is no better place to beat the heat this summer season than in your own yard! Our company is all set to transform your backyard into a paradise oasis, which will be admired by everyone.
Summer Pool sale
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Our team of pool experts can help you in building your dream pool. Make the most of our Sizzlin Summer sales event before our greatest summer pool sale ends. This annual event lets you save thousands on a brand new pool! Make the most of the MASSIVE DISCOUNTS during this event that will be on July 28th-30th! These offers are sizzling hot and won’t last! Amazing deals on a new swimming pool are available for new customers during our Sizzlin Summer pool sales event 2017! Buyers who are going to capitalize on this annual event often SAVE THOUSANDS on their new swimming pool. It is the height of summer season, and we are all set to construct your swimming pool today! So what is taking you too long? You need to get a free quote, and we will send a professional swimming pool designer to check out your yard and have your dream pool custom designed!
Summer Pool sale
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If you have been searching for financing and do not like the charges offered by other lenders, or you aren’t sure if you will get approved, you need to apply for pool financing through our trusted lenders. We will be offering great financing specials and lots of great offers from our vendors. With easy credit terms and high approval rates, our clients are finding the pool financing they want to finance their yard dreams. You better hurry, and get the pool financing you need. We shall also offer free gifts, and some of our event locations will be serving free food and drinks.  There will be kids entertainment, pool game ideas and other fun activities for your whole family Our company offers what nobody else can, in-ground swimming pool and spa packages, and devastatingly beautiful poolside designs and features such as waterfall and other accents! You can get them now before summer pool sale event ends since our swimming pool products sell out quickly.
Summer pool sale
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Whether you are remodeling an existing pool or finally ready to build your lifetime dream of a beautiful swimming pool, this spectacular sizzlin’ summer sale at Premier Pool & Spas has all that you need. Contact or visit us today at one of our locations!

Premier Pool and Spas Annual Sizzlin’ Summer Pool Sale is waiting for you!  Don’t miss out on this one!

Summer sale

Sizzlin’ Summer Sale in the City of Brotherly Love

School’s out, the days are heating up, and our summer sale is right around the corner. There could be no better time to get your very own backyard swimming pool than this summer! Summer sale Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to have a swimming pool in the City of Brotherly Love.

1. Enjoy It However You Want

Swimming pools are always places of enjoyment and pleasure no matter how you prefer to use them. Play games with your kids and friends, exercise your butt off on weekends, or simply lounge about after a hard day at work – your swimming pool experience is what you make it!

2. Beat The Heat In Your Own Backyard

No one likes having to pile into the family car with cranky children and pool paraphernalia. Leaving home to cool off can be a hassle; one that can be avoided if you have your very own backyard swimming pool. Summer is a time for fun and frolicking; however, when the temperature becomes unbearable finding a way to beat the heat is necessary. The convenience of being able to jump right into your own swimming pool in a matter of seconds is priceless. Summer sale

3. Stay Fit And Healthy

This benefit of having your very own backyard swimming pool doesn’t get mentioned enough and it shouldn’t be overlooked. Making the decision to give your family their very own swimming pool not only provides them with a means of entertainment but also with the means of achieving a healthier lifestyle. Countless fitness trainers and medical professionals all agree that aquatic exercises are a great way to exercise and stay healthy. Swimming pools are also great for persons with weak joints and limbs because less amounts of stress is placed on these areas in the water.

4. Entertain Guests Or Your Significant Other

There’s a reason why pool parties are so popular – everyone loves swimming pools! A swimming pool can be the main attraction or a complementing feature of any event (weddings, Fourth of July, birthday parties, etc.). Your very own swimming pool can also be the perfect private passionate spot that you and your significant other can retreat to when everyone else is away.

5. Having Your Own Swimming Pool Can Be Affordable

The antiquated days when swimming pools were only obtainable by celebrities and superstars are a thing of the past. Nowadays, having your very own swimming pool is more affordable than you think. Financing plans are becoming commonplace and building techniques are becoming much more economical.

Don’t Miss Our Sizzlin’ Summer Sale!

Summer sale The McGalliard family has been in the pool industry since the mid-1960’s. We were decking contractors, then added plastering in the 1970’s, and started building pools a few years later. We now have the second and third generations working in the business, who are all dedicated to being the best pool contractors we can be! This summer, from July 15th to July 17th, Premier Pools & Spas customers can save thousands by shopping with us! Don’t miss our Sizzlin’ Summer sale weekend!

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