7 questions to ask an Idaho pool builder

Once you’ve decided to build your pool, it’s time to hire a great Idaho pool builder. There may be some horror stories about local contractors haunting you. But if you ask the right questions, you should be fine. Here are seven important questions to ask before signing the contract. How long have you been in operation?

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How to know when to remodel your swimming pool in Boise

No matter how much you love your pool, it looks a bit worse for wear with each passing year. Pool remodels help to maintain your pool year after year with timely renovations. There are some pool problems you must handle in time to avert bigger issues. Here are the times when you know that your pool

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Check Out These Beautiful Pools in Boise

A swimming pool with luxurious elements can allure you to revel in its beauty. Like any other feature of your property, it can create the best ambiance if chosen correctly. Well, there are many options available for building a beautiful pool in Boise. From a natural pool to a lagoon-style retreat, you can design your

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