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Santa Clarita: Desires for Modern Backyard Pools

Your Santa Clarita home gives you a sense of pride and lately, you’ve been looking through modern backyard pools to see if you can improve your home and made it even more enjoyable. In this article, we are going to go over some wish list items many people have for modern backyard pools.

Modern Backyard Pools for Beauty and Function

As you are looking out over your backyard, the desire for modern backyard pools could be springing up in your mind. There are plenty of great things you could do with your yard, but a modern pool would really set off the look and give you the space you’ve always wanted. Pools are great for relaxation, but they are also great for health and wellness. The more you enjoy a space, the more likely you are to spend your time in that area. When you set up a modern pool, you will be drawn to the beauty of the pool which will give you more time outside in the fresh air and more exercise from being in the pool. There are certain trends that are showing up when it comes to desires for modern backyard pools and here are some of the biggest ones that may inspire you.
modern backyard pools
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Water Features Water features add a relaxing element to your pool. When you are looking through the many modern backyard pools images, you may notice that there are more designs that have some sort of a water design. If you do not like the sound of water running you will be glad to know that there are silent water features you can look into if that is the only thing that is holding you back. Whether you want a waterfall, grottos with flowing water or if you want a fountain, water features are one of the things you are going to be seeing more and more of in the pool designs this year and for years to come. modern backyard pools Infinity Pools If you have a yard with a view then an infinity pool could be just what you need. Many hotels have the infinity pool edges that are extremely gorgeous, but if you don’t have an amazing view, the infinity edge might not be something you want to do, no matter how trendy it is.
modern backyard pools
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Tanning Ledges Tanning ledges allow you to have a beautiful spot to catch those rays. When you have these small shallow areas in your pool, you are able to get an “in-pool” feeling without having to get on a float. You will be able to enjoy the sun in a stable place with no worries of flipping your floating device. They are beautiful to look at and add a nice element to any swimming pool.

Make your Desire for Modern Pools Come True

If you are ready to make your dreams come true, make sure to give us a call. We can help you with your pool’s planning and implementation so you can get exactly what you want.

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Logan, UT: Waterfalls Are Water Features You Must Have

Logan, UT residents are going wild over waterfall water features. While in the past, water features like these were only for the rich or a fancy resort, you can now have them in your backyard. In this article, we are going to talk about waterfalls and other water features you can add to your pool to make it even more beautiful. We will also talk about why they are such a great decision for your pool.

Waterfall Water Features

water features
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We’ve all seen the movies with the amazing waterfalls and wished for a few minutes that we were able to step into the movie under the falls with our favorite stars. Going to resorts with waterfalls made us feel we were almost there but now when we are able to have these water features in our backyard, it is a whole other level. Sounds for Meditation If you ever wished you could calm your mind and enjoy peace and quiet, waterfalls are a great way to allow yourself to do this. Their pleasant sounds will put your mind at ease and allow you to wash away the stress of a hard day at work. Visual Appeal
water features
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Waterfalls are beautiful sights to behold in or out of nature. When you design a custom experience, you can design the perfect waterfall that you love to see frequently. You can make it as simple or complicated as you like. You may want to make a clean, modern design or you might want a more rustic and natural look to your waterfall. If you want a big waterfall and you don’t care about a budget, you could create a massive design that cascades over various levels. Fun Times Let’s face it, waterfalls are a lot of fun. When you add one of these water features to your design. You are going to have so much fun and be able to enjoy your time running through the water or maybe letting the kids run through the water. Seeing kids having fun in these water features is priceless.
water features
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Filtration Since the waterfalls churn water constantly, this allows for natural filtration which is an added benefit.

Making These Water Features Your Own

When you are looking at the different options for waterfalls, you can also look at other add-ons with your water features. There are plenty of things you can do to spruce up your new addition. Think of things like a stone staircase, grotto, water slide or some other fun type of addition. If you ask your kids what they would like to see in the pool, you may find out they want a tire swing. This is a possibility but be ready to put out some money to make it happen. No matter what you want in your pool and what water features you choose, make sure to give us a call. We will be more than happy to help you through the process. With over thirty years of experience, we can help you every step of the way.

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Laminar Jets

Laminar Jets

Jandy Pro Series Laminar Jets with LED create spectacular backyard entertainment with dazzling nighttime lighting Sheer Descent Waterfallseffects. They produce clear or lighted arcs of water as they silently enter the pool or spa. Laminar jets come standard with built-in 12V LED lights, which can be adjusted to the preferred intensity, and can be synchronized with Jandy Pro Series pool and spa LED lights. They can be easily adjusted with an innovative internal flow adjustment valve, conveniently located inside of the cannister. Multiple lid options allow Jandy Laminar jets to easily coordinate with a variety of deck finishes. Water features are the perfect way to provide stunning visual effects combined with the refreshing sound and dynamic flow of water to your swimming pool or spa. Laminar jets can be installed in both existing or new swimming pools and spas. The laminar jet comes with a built in LED light module which provides an extensive range of different color combinations to create the perfect backyard oasis Swimming pool features are a great addition to your backyard swimming pool. They give everything a polished look and leave a lasting impression.  There are many swimming pool additions you can add to your swimming pool. One feature is a waterfall.  The sound of water flowing down the rocks and hitting the water gives off a peaceful vibe. It is a perfect sound to listen to as you’re relaxing poolside with your favorite drink in hand.  Even more impressive than looking a waterfall is being under the waterfall, in an oasis like cave called a grotto. A grotto can be added to a swimming pool during a remodel or if you are beginning to design your backyard oasis, this is the perfect time to ask about adding one to the plan. Grottos provide privacy in the pool and a great place for hide & seek with the kids. Another more functional addition to your swimming pool is an attached spa.  Many parents enjoy having a relaxing area to soak while they watch their kids play in the swimming pool.  While it is certainly easier to build an attached spa while you are building a pool, it is never too late to remodel and add one.  A spa provides both comfort and relaxation — a great way to unwind after a long day.  Additionally, spas have built in jets and light so you can experience the relaxation at night as well as during the day. Those are a few large items or additions that you can add to your swimming pool.  There are many other, smaller features that can transform your swimming pool without the large investment.  Some of those smaller features include various LED lights (great for night swimming) and water features like fountains, water spouts, etc. You can add jets to your swimming pool and colored lights for a more dramatic effect. There are fire pits you can have installed to warm up sitting areas near the pool and ways to make your swimming pool look more natural by adding in some rocks and native plants from around the area to your backyard. Contact Premier Pools and Spas today to get a free quote on a new swimming pool or to upgrade your existing one into your fantasy pool! 

Amazing Water Features

Amazing Water Feature Ideas for Your Redding Pool

There are amazing water features that can be added to your existing pool. If you’re looking to build a pool, it’s never too late to build your own pool! Premier Pools and Spas wants to give you your own pool with amazing pool features. So, here are some amazing pool feature ideas we’ve put together just for you.
  • Royalty Status: A beautiful flow of water with the connection between spa and swimming pool with the addition of a wall fountain flowing into the spa. It’s elegant colors of gold and a creme beige bring out the statue in the back which is what the water falls out of.
  • Brick and Bronze: Combining recreation a peaceful place to be, this swimming pool is created by bronze medallion fountains placed on a brick presentation and set off by a bluestone patio.
  • Spa on the Range: Life isn’t as hard on us as it was for the first settlers on the prairie, a lot has changed since then! This contemporary Arizona home comes with a secret spa featuring a beautifully flowing fountain and swimming pool decking made of travertine stone tile. The surface inside the pool is a glazed ceramic tile.
  • Glass Tile: A sleek, modern aesthetic remodeling for a swimming pool that has been nothing but beautiful. The incredible addition of a water feature, a fountain and raised wall to the the existing swimming pool. There was also the additions of a veneer of glass mosaic tile and custom stainless steel scupper waterfalls.
  • The Finishing Touch: A modern Mediterranean style pool lined with tile and featuring a hot tub with three bubbler jets sets the appropriate holiday tone for this design
  • Reality Check: An indoor swimming pool with the theme of the outside world. A beautiful painted ceiling of birds and clouds with a stunning inground pool with an ocean theme featuring a giant clam shell fountain. The fountain is made out of fiberglass and hand painted with ceramic tile.
  • Luxurious Lagoon: With a tropical lagoon theme, this beautiful oasis is featured with a memorable centerpiece. A fountain made out of tennessee ledge rock which includes an adjustable water speed that goes from a constant cascade to a slow trickle.
  • Lion Zone: A beautiful Mediterranean style gives this swimming pool a glamorous touch to its backyard theme. In addition a row of lion scuppers was added to the side wall of the pool, those stunning sculptures are made out of canter stone.
  • Perfect Pour:  Nighttime lighting gives this backyard pool a sense of intimacy and a touch of class with a top of the line pour fountain
  • Stairway to Bliss: This backyard patio space becomes an art installation with this stunning design that creates a lovely casade from its featured bubbler fountain display to the stone steps and pool beyond.
  • Under the Colorado Sky:  A long, spacious lap pool including a hot tub with three spillways makes a pretty great dynamic combo in this situation. The fountain includes two LED lighted, bubbler jets in the upper portion, Island Stone Rustic Cladding tile in Sutra Black color with black slate cap material on the exterior and polished gray plaster on the interior.
  • Bubbly like Champagne: A modern Mediterranean-style pool lined with tile which includes a hot tub with three bubbler jets fits the appropriate staycation tone for this design.

Amazing Water Feature – Swim Up Bars

If you thought swim up bars were rare luxury attractions that you only get to enjoy during spring break or on a vacation to the Bahamas, then you might be hanging out with the wrong crowd. Swim up bars have been making their way into the backyards of many Las Cruces homes, and the rest of America, for years. In fact, you’ll find swim up bars on residential properties today that rival some of the most luxurious swim up bars worldwide. Investing in a Las Cruces pool with a swim up bar, or renovating your existing pool to include barstools and other amazing water features, will give your entire family a reason to spend more time together bonding at home. Sure you’ll need to stack up on non-alcoholic beverages for minors in your home, but regardless you’ll be giving them a reason to spend more quality time at home, even during the summer. Plus you’ll have complete freedom to customize your pool and swim up bar to your liking. Possible Features To Include In Your Swimming Pool  swim up bars If you want to add a tropical or rainforest feel to your swim up bar then you should consider a waterfall. Waterfalls are some of the most common pool water features that are incorporated into swim up bars. The movement of water helps to create a soothing atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing and having a drink after a hard day of work in Las Cruces. It can be designed as the pathway for water that has been filtered to re-enter your pool. Water fountains are also simple yet attractive features that you can use to spruce-up your swimming pool and increase the overall ambiance of your outdoor space. Our excellent designers at Premier Pools & Spas can help you with any fountain or waterfall design that you want to use to visually enhance your swim up bar. To add some magical effects, you can also install deck jets into the walls of your pool or the surrounding landscape. This will create stunning graceful arches of flowing water that can breathe new life into your swim up bar. You can enjoy resort life right at home! With summer right around the corner, a swim up bar may be just want you need to ensure that it’s a fulfilling one. Nothing beats the convenience of being able to refill your drink after taking a couple of strokes in your backyard pool on a hot day. Whether you want to grab a quick snack, indulge on some delicious fresh sushi, or relive moments of your last Las Vegas vacation with a quick poker game, you can do it right from a swim up bar in your outdoor space.

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Water Features For Pools In Souderton

It’s finally time for that backyard makeover that you’ve been wanting for months or even years. While additions like a perfect pool and pretty plant life may be quite obvious, water features for your pool should not be ignored. The right water features can make your pool superior to the rest in Souderton. water features Now that’s not to say that you would be investing in one or two water features for your pool just so that you could have bragging rights over your neighbors. Adding a waterfall, fountain, slide, or cascade, to your swimming pool greatly improves the aesthetic of your pool and your entire backyard. Water features can be used as a visual bridge of sorts, which aesthetically connects your pool to the rest of your backyard. They can also foster a feelings of nature and relaxation by using both the sights and sounds of flowing water. Creating visual and auditory harmony in your own private space. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular water features that we can add to your pool and backyard. water features

Water Features: Waterfall

One of the more common water features that are added to pools in Souderton, waterfalls are popular because of their ability to combine simplicity and elegance. A convenient method of installing a waterfall is to place it inside of the pool or adjacent to it, so that it cycles water with the pool itself. Natural or handcrafted rocks can be used to make it blend with the rest of your backyard.

Water Features: Fountain

A fountain is often times much more showy when compared to waterfalls and other water features. However, fountains share a few functional similarities with waterfalls as well. Fountains often pull water directly from the pool itself, especially when the fountain is placed directly inside of the pool. Fountains can even get fancier when they start to take on more ornate shapes like mermaids and sea animals. Other luxurious water features that you can add to your swimming pool to enhance your outdoor space include: water slides, sheer water walls, spillovers, spas, and hot tubs. A swim up bar might also be an excellent water feature to add to your swimming pool if you are an avid pool party thrower. Simply stack up on your favorite snacks, beers, and cocktails and have your guests paddle up to the bar to have a drink. It’s the ultimate way to ensure that everyone in Souderton will be talking about your parties for days to come. water features If you feel like you’re not making the most of your swimming pool, adding custom water features can make all the difference. There’s no limit to what you can do.  It could be a tropical themed waterfall or a renaissance-style fountain – whatever suits your taste. With that said, our team at Premier Pools & Spas stands ready to assist you with finding the right accessories for your pool in Souderton. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

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Water Features For Pools In Portland, OR

If you’re planning to beautify your outdoor space in Portland, Oregon with a swimming pool or renovate your existing one, then you’re probably wondering if adding water features are worthy investments. If you want your pool to stand out among your neighbors, adding water features is one of the best decisions that you could make. Whether it’s a fountain, waterfall, cascade, or a slide, a water feature will help to bring your swimming pool to life. From producing stimulating visuals to creating a relaxing audio backdrop, they help to add harmony to your outdoor space and bring nature to life. Here are some of the water features that you can use to enhance the environment around your swimming pool in Portland, Oregon: water features Waterfalls: If done properly a waterfall can create soothing gushing sound that overpowers ambient noises around your pool for a more relaxing feeling. If you wish, you can place it inside the pool so that it uses water from the pool or next to your pool to act as a water source. Both hand crafted and genuine rocks can be placed along the waterfall so that it blends effortlessly with your landscape. water features Fountains: Aside from its aesthetic appeal, a fountain will add soothing sounds to the environment around your swimming pool. Like a waterfall you can place the fountain inside or outside of your pool in Portland, Oregon. You’ll also have the freedom to choose from a variety of color sizes and styles to customize your fountain to your liking. water features Water Slides: Water slides are simple yet attractive water features that can make the perfect accessory to a pool of any size. The slide in the image above was added to an existing pool by our Portland Premier Pools & Spas team; looking at it should give you all the reasons why a slide will make a great addition to your pool. Featuring both hand carved and authentic rocks, it effortlessly adds the feelings and thrills of a water-park to the surroundings. There are also a number of other luxurious water features that you can add to your pool. A swim up bar is a great addition that would make perfect accommodations for when you want to hang by the pool with your friends while swimming and enjoying a quick snack or drink.  To ensure that your bar stands out you can arrange colorful pool lighting around the pool to add visual appeal. Wireless speakers that resemble rocks are also available today and they can blend perfectly with the design of your pool. Adding custom waters features to your pool would undoubtedly be a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re working with the right team. From strategically designing water features that will blend effortlessly with your landscape to selecting the right pool accessories and lighting, our Portland Premier Pools & Spas team stands ready to help you beautify your outdoor space. Whether you are looking to construct a new pool or remodel you existing one, feel free to contact us today.

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