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The perfect water features for your pool

A backyard swimming pool is a big investment, no doubt about it. Adding the perfect water features will increase the value of your property in addition to making it look more pleasing. Here are some water feature ideas and the estimated amount you need to spend in order to add them. A water curtain $1,500 to

How much does pool maintenance cost?

Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a new swimming pool. Now you have to decide if you want to keep track of all of that maintenance yourself, or hire a professional pool service. Here are some basic things to know about what's involved in pool maintenance to help you make your decision, and why Premier Pool

How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Sparkly Clean

Owning a swimming pool means that you get to enjoy cool dips, splashes, and cannonballs all summer long. Everyone will flock to your backyard for summer fun. Clean pool water is key to that fun. Sparkly, clear blue swimming pool water is what we all dream of, but how can you keep your pool maintained

How Water Features can make your Backyard Stand Out

Swimming pools are luxurious features to any homes backyard. Most homeowners build a swimming pool so that they can create long lasting memories with their friends and family. Keep reading to understand how additional water features can make your backyard stand out in Portland, OR. Benefits to Having Water Features There are so many different

Pool Waterfall Lights- Enhance Your Backyard Oasis

With relaxing water flow and soothing effects, it's obvious to see why waterfalls are the ultimate features in outdoor waterscaping in San Diego. If you want to get the maximum effect from a waterfall and improve its intrinsic elegance, light up the night using well-placed pool waterfall lights. Well-lit waterfalls create magical poolside evenings by

Add Waterfall to Pool for a Stunning Staycation

Are you thinking about ways to offer your pool in San Diego that special addition? Incorporating a waterfall to your pool is a good way of enhancing the experience of your backyard pool. If you add waterfall to pool, it turns from a simple body of water to stunning oasis in your outdoor space. It

How Long Do Phoenix Pool Builders Need to Build Your Backyard Oasis

When Can the Project Begin? Most things in life are worth waiting for. Typically, when people have made that decision to purchase our services and start building their new dream backyard, they want to swim as soon as possible. Don't let the desperation of the finished product make you impatient and skew you from your

What Swimming Pool Features You Should Add to Your New Pool in Tucson

Building the pool of your dreams will mean having the details right. The days are long gone where a standard diving board at the pool's end was considered trendy. Nowadays, you can add jumping rocks, custom water slides, built-in seating, fancy waterfalls and more. There are lots of benefits associated with adding a few swimming

The Best Pool Features for your Phoenix Backyard

Swimming pools are a great statement for any type of backyard. It can turn a simple backyard into an oasis. Pool owners rave about their decision to change up their backyard and make their dreams turn into a reality. If you are interested in turning your backyard into an oasis then you've come to the

Why you Need Water Features in Your New Tucson Swimming Pool

Your Tucson swimming pool is the perfect spot to have a good time, unwind and workout. But incorporating a water feature can make the pool even more fun, as well as improving its design appeal and possibly increasing the value of your home. A backyard pool with a water feature is the ultimate in home

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