In today’s stressed-out world, it’s difficult to find moments of true relaxation. Everyone needs time to find inner peace, chill and relax. For some pool owners, the perfect backyard pool might be a sunny area on a chaise lounge in a ledge. It can also be a comfortable chair by the fire in winter months. But for those who are thinking about or own a custom inground pool in Salt Lake City, tanning ledges can be the ultimate oasis for relaxation and comfort throughout the pool season. A tanning ledge can also be an amazing feature for every family member. In addition, it can help make your backyard oasis unique.

Tanning Ledges

Let us check out the reasons why you will love your tanning ledges.

1. Color choices:

Tanning ledges come in various colors, ensuring your tanning ledge complements your swimming pool. Tanning ledges can be tiled as well.

2. Entertainment for children:

For toddlers and small kids, this feature is good for splashing around. It is like having your own kiddie pool along with having a full sized swimming pool. It is shallow enough that children can sit down in the pool water, and more secure than when you have to keep an eye on them in the full sized swimming pool.

3. Fun for furry friends:

Your furry friends love to be in the swimming pool as well. If you like sharing the pool water with your dogs, tanning ledges make the perfect entry and exit point for them. Dogs will benefit a lot from swimming. You’ll also be happy to find them dozed off and calm after a long day in the swimming pool.

Tanning Ledges

4. Aesthetically appealing:

Premier Pools, your Salt Lake City pool builders provide tanning ledges that are stunning add-ons to your property. This feature can have jets that shoot the pool water up creating fountains or have water that cascades down into the swimming pool. You will see that it will provide your outdoor space with a beautiful appearance.

5. Sunbathing:

The good thing about incorporating a tanning ledge is it allows you to have a bigger space, which is a shallow depth to help you stretch your legs out. You can also pull a lounge chair onto this feature and either lay or sit in the sun. On scorching hot days, it lets you stay cool.

With all the good things about tanning ledges, the question really is not “Do I need to get a built in tanning ledge for my custom inground swimming pool?” but instead, “How are we all going to fit on the tanning ledge, and should I share it?” It is an important luxury that you should have. So if you are dreaming of a new Salt Lake City backyard oasis for the approaching pool season, ensure you select a pool design that has a built in tanning ledge. It’s going to be your pool for many years to come.

Tanning Ledges

Call Premier Pools for Your Pool!

If you are in search of a way to add both functionality and class to your Salt Lake City custom inground pool, speak to our professionals on how tanning ledges can turn your pool into a resort-like oasis. A tanning ledge occupies far less space than beach entries yet offers a shallow spot for splashing around and staying cool. Premier Pools & Spas of Salt Lake City professionals can help you visualize a tanning ledge that both improves the elegance of your pool and suits your family’s needs.

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