Over the years, pool automation has become increasingly more high-tech. These systems can take the stress out of running and maintaining your backyard pool in Fresno. With pool automation, most of your bothersome pool needs will done automatically. The systems also control everything from water features to heating to sanitization and turning on lights. Do you want to fire up your spa your way home from the office?


Premier Pools & Spas specialists can seamlessly incorporate your dream pool into your backyard and home environment in Fresno. We understand how significant the implementation of quality pool care will provide fun and longevity of your backyard oasis.

swimming pool automationBenefits of pool automation include:

1. Make Savings

Pool automation systems are a good way to make savings. When combined with a variable-speed pump, these automation systems for pools can be tailored to perfectly match the use of your pool, while meeting your pool maintenance needs. These systems can detect and alert a pool owner or pool repair company of any issues. This will let pool service experts fix the issues before they worsen.

2. Energy Efficiency

Automation systems for pools often mean huge savings on electricity and water costs. For example, by installing an automated variable speed pump, pool equipment will operate only when necessary. This will help to lower energy costs and minimizing wastage of water. These systems can offer detailed efficiency readouts. This lets pool owners create the best energy plan for their pool.

pool automation

3. Take Control

Providing ease of control, flexibility, and convenience, Jandy pool automation systems help to make weekly maintenance easy. This system works by regulating individual equipment for pool and spa. With iAquaLink, you can adjust all these elements from your web-connected device, tablet, or smartphone at any time of the day. Maintenance such as filtration, sanitation, and heating cycles will stop being troublesome. Based on the type of atmosphere you want for your Fresno backyard space, it will be easy adjusting landscape and pool lighting, even for individual pool water features.

4. Improved Monitoring

It is even simpler to repair pools thanks to pool automation. With features like automatic reporting and remote access, pool specialists can maintain a pool’s history, read chemical levels, temperature, and mineral content. This lets pool repair professionals to quickly detect an issue and probably repair it and not have to leave the office. You can also get some with customizable programs and live cameras, making it easy to do some electrical fixes without going to the pool.

5. Extra Customization

Apart from our spa and pool automation features, we also provide customizations so your backyard pool is all you could envision. Find out about our screen enclosures, pavers, LED lights, fire pits, concrete decks, travertine, heating, and more! Get in touch with one of our expert team to talk about using these stunning features to customize your pool!

pool automation

Interested in Pool Automation? Contact Premier Pools & Spas

Our pool specialists can install for you a pool automation system to help make pool ownership very easy. Even if you’ve already installed an automation system, you will want to work with the experts at Premier Pools & Spas of Fresno to ensure your pool continues running smoothly.

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