You love your San Diego location and having a pool makes it just that much sweeter. Now it is time to test your pool’s pH levels. You want to make sure that everything is good with your precious pool. It has given you many times of having fun and swimming so it is time to repay the favor and do some maintenance on it by keeping your pool’s pH levels right.

pool's pH levels

Keeping Your Pool’s pH Levels On Point

Any new pool owner might have a challenge with their pool’s pH levels. If you are worried that you aren’t going to be able to keep on point, just listen to these simple tips below.

When we talk about pH this refers to the relative acidity of the water. When you use the pH scale that ranges from 1.0 to 14.0 you want to make sure that your water is around 7.4 to 7.6. If you have a pH level that is below 7.0 this means you have an acidic condition. If you have a pH level that is above 7.0 means that you have an alkaline condition. When you use one of the pH testers, you will see whether your pH is low or high and be able to treat the pool accordingly.

If your readings are low then you want to add a pH increaser which is sodium carbonate or if you need to increase pH then you can use a pH decreaser which is sodium bisulfate. If you do not take the time to make sure that your pH is balanced your pool’s pH levels can harm the pool structurally and the equipment could also be damaged.

pool's pH levels

What Else to Think About Other Than Your Pool’s pH Levels

There are more things to keep in mind besides for your pool’s pH levels so while it is great that you are keeping on top of those you need to think about your normal cleaning and keep up on the overall maintenance of the pool. While it is easier to take care of a pool now than it was 10-20 years ago, it still requires work and making sure that you keep a good eye on it is important.

Having your own pool is an amazing gift since you get access any time that you would like and you never have to worry about having unwanted people in the pool. Instead of having a hassle like at a public pool, you are able to enjoy your pool, regulate who is going to be allowed in the pool and just enjoy the relaxation of the environment.

pool's pH levels

As you are working on your pool ownership skills, remember to enjoy the pool and the upkeep won’t seem like that much. Also, you can always hire a professional to keep up with your pool so that you don’t have to worry about that part at all. All that you would have to do then would be to have the fun part of it.

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