The first thing you should think of when designing your Texas swimming pool is its planned use. Do you want to impress your neighbors, entertain guests, do physical therapy, allow the children to have some fun, swim laps, or workout laps? After all, you intend to get a swimming pool for a reason or numerous reasons to improve your life.

Texas Swimming Pool

The planned use of a pool has probably the greatest effect on its design. So you should identify the wants and needs your Texas swimming pool is intended to meet. You should do this very early in the design process. It’s also important to understand the main functions of the pool to help narrow down your design options.

Here are some of the benefits Texas swimming pool homeowners get, and how these affect the pool’s design:


Hanging out at your backyard pool is often relaxing, and the right amenities can make it much more fun. Incorporating a hot tub or a spa to your Texas swimming pool space is a good complement to the pool itself. An in-ground spa is usually attached to the heating and filtration systems of the pool.

A swim spa is also great and can produce a strong current to swim against. You can then swim against the current while staying in place. Their distinct size also makes the construction of indoor swim spas a very worthwhile choice most of the time.

Texas Swimming Pool


If you want to use your Texas swimming pool for some serious workout, then your pool’s dimensions need more important consideration. You can find dedicated lap pools, which are quite narrow, and therefore easily fit in limited spaces.

Entertaining guests and parties:

If you love hosting pool parties you might have some other design problems to consider. These mostly involve the design of the space surrounding your oasis and the landscaping. You might want to surround your Texas swimming pool with furniture, a gazebo, a deck or patio, an outdoor bar, pool house, etc. You can also make the pool area attractive by carefully concealing pool equipment.

Leisure and fun:

The most popular intention for getting a pool is for family leisure and fun. A backyard Texas swimming pool is a wonderful spot to cool off during the hot summer days, throw some inflatable toys around and play with the children. If this describes your only reason for needing a swimming pool, then the simplest, most affordable pool designs will do. If you have a big budget, then you might want to get some luxury, but usually, a shallow inground pool is enough to suit your needs. A swimming pool that is at a constant depth of 4 ft. is great to swim laps and splash around in, but also shallow enough to offer safety for the entire household.

Texas Swimming Pool

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Choosing to work with Premier pools & Spas of Houston, Texas professionals will make your life much easier. We’ll ensure you have your dream pool before you even thought possible. The moment the process starts, the installation process is much quicker thanks to our strategy, development in tools and use of the latest 3D pool design technology. Contact us today to get started.

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