Putting a pool in your car doesn’t make it a car pool. Sorry. And please, no puns.


Chances are, a number of reporters at the German weekly news publication Der Spiegel were rabidly jealous of the lucky writer who got to pen the following article lede: “A BMW convertible first aroused the suspicions of a motorcycle cop on patrol in the eastern German town of Eibenstock when water sloshed out of it as it drove around a curve.”

In case the above photo doesn’t make it completely obvious, the owner of the BMW in question sealed the interior of the car with plastic, dumped more than 500 gallons of water in it, and decked it out in a nice cabana/tiki bar theme. To give some credit to the madman who conceived of this monstrosity, it did actually drive… but only at a top speed of 15 miles per hour. Oh yeah, and it only had one functioning gear. A swimming pool on wheels is one thing, but a swimming pool with a (barely functional) manual transmission? Now that’s just wrong.

The German motorcycle officer was apparently not terribly impressed when he came across the car traveling down a city street with a driver and passenger seated inside the car pool, and a third sitting on the trunk dipping his feet in the back. The cop gave chase, under the assumption that the driver was possibly drunk behind the wheel. Don’t start with the puns. Don’t. Just don’t.

Anyways, the driver and passengers ditched the car in a parking lot. Unfortunately for the criminal mastermind in charge of the operation, he later decided to come back for the belongings he left behind in the vehicle. The police allowed him to gather his wallet and shoes, but required him to submit to a blood test for alcohol.

The passengers later stated the obvious when they told a local tabloid that, “the ride was a stupid idea. It was the first time we drove on a street and we just wanted to have a little fun.” Thankfully, the streets of Germany remain free of any would-be copycats.