What is The Cost of an Inground Pool?

pool-financing1If you’re interested in getting a swimming pool, the first thing to consider is, of course, the price. How much should you expect to spend when buying a pool for your backyard?

There is no singular answer here. The pool pricing depends on several factors; the basics include your location, and the material, size, shape and depth of your pool. This will range from $25,000 to $50,000.

Now, if you want a little extra here and there, that will cost too. Let’s go break it down!

Inground Pool Pricing Basics

Ok, let’s start with the basics in pool pricing. You might already have an idea of how you want your pool to look like and how you’d use it. This factors into the material, size, shape and depth of your pool.

Size: The biggest determinant of the cost of your pool is its size. The size determines how much labor-intensive it is to build, and the amount of materials required. On average, you can expect to spend $50 per square foot.

Material: The main material of your pool determines its overall look and durability, and how it adds to the ambiance of your backyard. You have a range of choices here. The cheapest of which is vinyl. There are several vinyl lining patterns to choose from – so, no worries about your pool’s looks.

If you want your pool to last longer or look more stunning, consider fiberglass, gunite and aggregate pool finishes. Expect to shell out more for this.

Depth: How deep do you want your pool to be? If you want to install a diving board or slide, you need a deep pool. However, if the pool is for your kids, you don’t need it to be as deep. Depth determines how much labor is necessary for digging and finishing, and how much materials you need.

Shape: A unique pool shape takes a lot more labor to put together. So, it will definitely add to the cost.

Location: The average cost that we have here applies to states or locations with an average cost of living. If this is high where you’re at, expect the amount you spend for a swimming pool to be higher.

A Little Extra, Here and There

Extras will cost, of course. Here are popular pool add-ons that add to what you need to shell out.

Lighting: Want a swimming pool that looks good, even at night? Or do you want to go basic and just guarantee pool safety through lighting? If you want your pool lighting to add to the ambiance, prepare to spend more.

Diving Board: A diving board adds to the cost – and it is not just about the board (average $400 each). Installing a diving board requires a deeper pool, which costs in terms of labor and materials.

Slides: Slides, like boards, require a deeper pool. Plus, the actual slide size and design will cost extra.

Fencing: Pool fencing is not a strict requirement for many states. But, you will want one if you want to lessen your risks and liabilities, and if you have kids at home.

Spas: Spas up your swimming pool price by a significant percentage. Your pool builder should include this in your pool quote from the get-go.

2015 Pool Pricing Changes

Like any consumer good, the price of swimming pools changes with the economy. Back in 2013 and 2014, pool pricing was at an all time low. Now, it is steadily rising.

This means that timing your pool purchase. Right now, the best time to purchase is, well, NOW.

Make the best decision for your home and get a swimming pool built today. The key to a successful pool investment is to find the best pool builder in your area.

Contact three builders (maximum) in your area and get a quote. Aside from pricing and materials, consider the reputation of the builder you choose. Testimonies from clients come a long way when you want to guarantee your pool’s quality and durability. It is, after all, an investment; and you should get your money’s worth.

Talk to Premier Pools and Spas about getting started. We can help you get pool financing too.