Whether you are thinking to buy a house with a pool or looking to install a pool in your house, you need to tread carefully. Apart from the inground pool cost, there are many other aspects of pool ownership to understand before taking the plunge. A pool, undoubtedly, comes with a lot of benefits. But, there are some considerations that you can’t ignore when installing one in your backyard or when buying a house with a backyard pool. They include:

Pool Needs Regular Maintenance

Gunite Pool Maintenance Cost

Apart from the upfront cost of installing a pool, there are regular maintenance and cleaning expenses that follow the pool ownership. From chemicals to cleaning the walls, maintaining the equipment, and preventive maintenance, a pool needs your consistent attention. It is important to maintain the chemical balance of pool water for preventing problems of bacteria and algae.

An unclean pool can wreak havoc on the health of your family. But, if you lack time to look after regular pool maintenance, you can entrust this task to pool service companies. They charge $50 to $150 per week for cleaning and maintaining your pool.

Pool Ownership Has Lots of Perks

As a pool owner, you can make the most of this investment in many ways. For one, you’ll have access to your own pool throughout the season as and when you wish. Secondly, swimming is a wonderful exercise for your physical strength and well-being. A pool not only adds value to your personal life but also improves your social lifestyle.

Throw the best parties on the block around your pool and enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. Most importantly, you can teach swimming to your kids in the safe environment of your home under your monitoring. All these benefits make your investment worth the inground pool cost.

Pools Need Safety Measures

outdoor pool ideas

Despite all the benefits of pool ownership, there is a risk of drowning for young kids in the age-group of 0-4 years. Hence, when buying a house with a pool, don’t forget to inspect and install the necessary safety measures. You can install a safety fence around the pool and put locks on the gates leading to the pool.

Take proper precautionary measures for cleaning the pool deck regularly before it becomes slippery. Teach your kids how to swim and make pool safety rules to be followed by everyone. Most importantly, monitor the activities of your kids around the pool to avoid any accident.

A Pool May Increase the Property Value

Basically, it depends on the local weather conditions. If you live in a warmer climate, pool ownership can increase the property value. When you look to resell your house with an inground pool in these locations, you’re likely to get a higher price. However, in colder regions, it may not be so. Homebuyers in cold climates often avoid a pool when hunting for a house.

Also, buying a house with a pool may increase your insurance liability in addition to inground pool cost and maintenance charges. Therefore, you should carefully analyze your ability to bear the expenses over the long run before owing a pool.

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