It’s almost Halloween! This year, go all out for the holidays, in addition to handing out candies to ghost, ghouls, and goblins knocking on the door, get in on the fun! Try something different and host a fall pool party this year…yes, you read that right…a party! In a fortunate city like Cape Canaveral where the weather stays warm during fall, there is nothing stopping you from having some fun in the best spot in your home on Halloween…the swimming pool. Check out these amazing ideas for planning your Halloween pool party.

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Add a Fear Factor to Your Pool

There are plenty of ways in which you can decorate your Cape Canaveral swimming pool for the party. A common trick to play on your guest is to dye your swimming pool a different color. We recommend the color red, because it represents blood and is a great resemblance to a Halloween prank. Red non-toxic dyes are available that you can use to transform the color of your pool and put some fear into your guest. Adding creepy glowing hands to the water can also be a bonus feature. It’ll make your guests break out in a cold sweat and it’s easy to make – just grab some glow sticks, and a few surgical gloves. You may also want to add some additional props to your pool, like severed zombie heads or mummies.

Las Vegas

Treats For Your Cape Canaveral Halloween Pool Party

Treats are a must at your Halloween swimming pool party – the last thing you need is a herd of zombies hunting for brains. Fun treats such as mummies in a blanket are easy to make and affordable. Shrunken head punch is also another popular Halloween treat made from apples soaked in lemon juice, cut and then over cooked until they shrink up. Scary!

Halloween Pool Party Games

If you won’t be blasting horror music at your party, try some games to keep the fun going. Halloween egg hunt for example is a great way to get all your guest to participate. Fill up some Halloween colored eggs with money, candy or slim for the unlucky ones. Hide eggs around your Cape Canaveral backyard and have your guests fetch them. A pumpkin carving contest with a big prize for the winner is also a great way to bring out the competitive side of your guests. Check out some more fun games you can play here.

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It’s Your Party, Be Creative

There are plenty of other fun ideas that you can use to spook out your guests at your Halloween pool party. It’s all up to you. Just remember to keep your swimming pool safety rules in mind for the festive event. If you feel your pool is in need of renovation before the party, don’t hesitate to contact Premier Pools and Spa of Treasure Coast. We will be happy to welcome you as a part of our family and will ensure your pool is safe and functional. Don’t believe us? Just check out our testimonials page and hear what our happy customers have to say instead.

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