If you have a backyard oasis, chances are you’ve got a lot of Temecula pool party ideas already. The reason being, people love spending time at your house whether you’re having a planned pool party or not. You’ll find it an instant hit planning a pool party. A pool is often appealing and you can use it simply as a backdrop to a more elegant party.

Temecula pool party

Hot summer days in Temecula are great for inviting guests over to cool off while having a Temecula pool party. These parties are not just for children; adults can experience just as much enjoyment, if not more.

Here’s some are tips on how to throw the best Temecula pool party.

Prepare a theme:

Kids like a themed party and a pool offer the best setting to make the theme come to life.

A preferred option is to create a Little Mermaid theme in which you take the party on an adventure underwater. Decorate your pool area using starfish and toy crabs, and add games like treasure hunting and mermaid themed meals. You can also make the party more fun by getting some mermaid fins for your guests.


An amazing, fun Temecula pool party can turn out to be a disaster in case something occurs to a guest. It’s important to ensure the safety of the guest. This means making sure you remove unwanted clutter from the area around the pool, getting rid of all likely tripping dangers, regularly keeping an eye on the kids, having a working phone by the pool at always, and asking guests not to drive home after they’ve had a drink.

How to Throw the Best Temecula Pool Party 1


The benefits of a Temecula pool party are the limitless games and activities for your guests. Depending on the size of your pool, preferred considerations are inflatable races. You can divide your guests into two groups and have them race laps in a relay with the winners getting a reward.

A treasure hunt can offer some fun with clues concealed around the pool. Another game that offers lots of poolside fun is the hanging donuts game. All you need to do is hang a line of string like a clothesline after which you can individually tie strings with donuts. After that, you should make sure each party goer places their hands behind their backs. The first person to eat the whole donuts is the winner.

Have enough drinking water:

You should prepare a lot of water for drinking since staying outside will naturally dehydrate you and your guests with this summer heat. Offer shakes and juices as well!

Have a clean pool:

One week before your Temecula pool party, make sure you clear up your outdoor space and get the pool clean. Remove likely tripping hazards and wires, sweep the pool deck and the patio, cut the grass, remove unnecessary outdoor furniture, hang lights. Before the pool party, inspect the chemicals in your pool like pH levels, chlorine, and calcium.


You should not expect all your guests to know how to swim, particularly the children. Make sure you have extra floaters ready if they forget to bring theirs.

Temecula pool party

Temecula Pool Party – Conclusion

Hosting a Temecula pool party is the best way to gather people. Good planning, keeping guests safe, cleaning and delegation will make the party great. If you need a new pool installation or maintenance please contact us today at Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula!

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