Tiffany Basinger Shared Their Premier Pools Story 1

Customer Name: Tiffany Basinger
Location: Henderson, NV, Nevada
Date: 03/25/2018


How Has Owning a Pool Changed Your Family’s Life?
We have always been the outdoor type of family who barbecues on weekends and invites people over. When our in ground spa went out, we were looking to replace it, but then considered getting a spa/pool or what might be called a “spool”.
Our outdoor experience has been immeasurably better since doing so! We have a pool that heats up in a matter of hours, and since it was built after the summer season, we’ve been in it every week in the colder months!
We can’t wait for summer to enjoy it as a pool.

Where Did Premier Pools & Spas Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?
We were on a tight budget. Being a school teacher, most of my money goes to the necessities. However, after talking with our sales rep, Tommy Coker, we realized it was in our budget to do a small pool and add a heater. All said and done, the company installed a high tech gas line, placed cool decking on the surrounds, and even let me place my boulders in the desired locations. We love the design and spend hours either in the pool lounging or out of the pool gazing at its beauty.
Thank you, Tommy, Sam, and Ron. You offer a high quality product without a hefty price tag!
The Basinger Family -Las Vegas