As the seasons change, pool owners should take special measures to make sure their pools are in the best shape. Pool maintenance isn’t as easy as placing the pool cover on for the winter season and not thinking of it again until summer time.

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To ensure your dream pool is in perfect condition year-round, whether you are using it or not, needs frequent maintenance, no matter the season. However, while there’s a bit of effort needed in maintaining a swimming pool, it should not be complicated. Dallas Pool Service professionals have some suggestions about what you should do to keep your backyard oasis clean, sparkling and ready for you to have fun in.

Here are some pool maintenance tips to make your swimming pool ready for use daily:

1. Chlorination

If you do not have a saltwater swimming pool and use chlorine, make sure you examine the chlorine dispenser every week to ensure it is functioning well and is filled with chlorine. It’s important that you also keep an eye on the levels of chlorine in your pool to make sure any issues are spotted early on.

2. Clean pool

It is best if you clean out your skimmer basket at least once every week. In the fall and spring months, you might want to do it even more often. You should also look out for debris inside the pump every few weeks; make sure that you shut down the pump first. In addition, clean the filters every 1 to 2 months, or sooner, based on the clarity of the pool water.

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3. Circulate the pool

Our professionals recommend that to maintain your pool’s right chemical balance; you should circulate your swimming pool. If you run the pool pump for 8 to 10 hours daily, it will move the pool water around and maintain its crucial chemical balance.

4. Cover the pool

Whenever you’re not using your pool, a pool cover is an easy way to keep debris and dirt out of the pool water. It will minimize the loss of water because of evaporation.

5. Check your pool’s water level

Every week it is important to check your pool’s water level and add water as required. If you are unsure what your pool’s water level should be, feel free to contact us, and we will inform you. Also, reduce build-up from accumulating by cleaning along the water line.

Other tips for pool maintenance

  • Do not swim. If tests show that your water isn’t within accepted quality levels, or if perhaps it looks unhygienic and cloudy, avoid swimming.
  • Service your pool equipment. From your pool cleaner to the salt chlorinator and filter, keep in mind that anything with moving components can break down. Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions to minimize the risk of any mechanical problems.
  • Clean frequently. Remove debris and litter from your swimming pool and vacuum it frequently to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.

Pool maintenance

Pool Maintenance – Conclusion

Keep in mind that pool maintenance needs to start from the time you become a pool owner. It can be time-consuming following a consistent pool maintenance schedule. If you think that you will not have time to do frequent (and adequate) maintenance, contact Dallas Pool Service today!

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