Closing Your Pool – Easy Tips for Winterizing Your Pool

Winter is almost here and If you have not yet winterized your pool, please follow these quick and easy steps to protect your swimming pool equipment. Your pool closing will go much more smoothly if you follow this simple checklist for winterizing your pool.

Winterizing Your Pool

  • Brush and vacuum pool. Clean out skimmer and pump baskets
  • Balance water-adjust Alkalinity and PH, add phosphate remover
  • Add winterizing chemicals – Sequa Sol, Algimycin winter algaecide, and Oxy-Brite. Allow to circulate for 24 hours (Kits are available in pool supply stores)
  • Clean and store cartridge filter or backwash sand filter
  • Raise sanitizer to 6-8 ppm
  • Drain water below skimmer line (1”- 2” inches below tile)
  • Drain skimmer lines by  vacuuming  out pipes  with shop vacuum
  • Plug skimmers with gizzmos (this will protect the skimmer from ice damage, gizzmos are available in pool supply stores )
  • Shut off auto fill, plug it off at pool wall, and fill with anti-freeze (Anti-freeze designed for pools are available in pool supply stores)
  • Add a pool anti-freeze to skimmers (non harmful to humans and pets, works to -50`)
  • Drain all equipment-pumps, heater, filters, solar etc.
  • Shut OFF all power (preventing system or timers from accidently turning on equipment)
  • Put a chemical floater with 3” chlorine tabs in the pool for the winter (this is for pools that are exposed to the elements, and without hard covers)
  • Cover your pool till spring
  • If you wish to run your system throughout the winter, we recommend putting gizzmos in skimmers and winterizing auto fill.


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