Your beautiful pool is a great source of joy and pride for you. It is also a good investment in the long run. However, if you slack in keeping up with its cleaning schedule, it will not stay in a good condition. Most homeowners think of pool maintenance as a hassle, but it is far from the truth. For your benefit, here we give you some maintenance tips to increase the longevity of your pool.Tips to Make Pool Maintenance Easy for Every Pool Owner 1

General Pool Maintenance

Do you know that the sun is actually harmful to your pool? While splashing around in the water in hot weather is fun for you, direct sunlight turns your pool into algae heaven. To prevent this, you should add chlorine to your pool.

You should also keep testing the water regularly for chlorine and pH levels and balance the chemistry. However, you must know that eco-friendly or green products added to the water might not work as well as chlorine. Also, check the water levels regularly and inspect for any leaks.

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Pool Equipment Maintenance

Proper maintenance of the circulation and filtration systems is very important for your pool. The function of your pool pump is to circulate the pool water through the filter and send it back into the pool.

Your pool filter helps to remove the undissolved debris and dirt from the water and helps keep the swimming environment hygienic. These get collected in the skimmer basket and hair and lint basket of the filter. Hence all of these need regular cleaning.Las Vegas Pool Season

Add Shock and Algaecide

Pool shock, when done properly and on a regular basis, keeps your pool clean and safe for swimming. You must remove all the waste elements that get added to your pool to prevent cloudy water and the rise of algae.

One of the most important maintenance tips is to use Algaecide in addition to sanitizing methods for your pool. Algaecide doesn’t only kill algae but it also prevents them from getting started in your pool.

Skim and Scrub Your Pool

Skimming and scrubbing are on the top of the list for pool maintenance tools. Skimming implies removing the leaves and dirt from your pool. Do it every day to keep your pool clear. Scrubbing the surface of the pool walls with a brush every other week ensures that the walls of your swimming pool are clean and free of algae.

Why Should You Hire a Pool Maintenance Company

Although you follow good maintenance tips, there is a chance that you might skip doing this for a week. That time is enough for the pool to turn murky and green. Hire  Louisville pool maintenance company to help you avoid such complications.

Only a pool professional can help you with repairs and maintenance of your pool. Also, you save a lot of time and money by getting help from professionals. Moreover, when you take up pool maintenance yourself, you have to store strong chemicals at your place. When you hire a pool service, you do not risk coming into contact with these chemicals.

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