Your Redding backyard pool is the best spot to learn how to lose weight by working out. It does not strain your joints and it keeps you comfortable and cool while working out. Remember that simply diving in the swimming pool and playing around in the pool water will not burn lots of calories, so you will have to put some effort into the exercise if losing weight is your ultimate goal. The amount of effort will depend on your weight-loss goals.

How to Lose Weight

Here’s how to lose weight using your Redding pool.

The bicycle:

You should rest your elbows on the pool’s side and “peddle” an imaginary bicycle using your legs. This workout will not only burn fat, but also help strengthen your legs, shoulders, and core.


Rather than swimming laps, you can try cardio workouts such as jump lunges, jumping from one leg to the other, jumping jacks and kicking or jumping. These workouts will burn calories and help to tone muscle as well.

Floating noodle lap:

With this pool workout, you should straddle a swimming pool noodle in an L shape and propel yourself backward using your arms. This exercise will not only increase your heart rate, but it will also enhance your balance.

Pool weights:

These are much like the gym weights, but they are buoyant. You can use these foam barbells for workouts. They help build and tone muscles such as chest flies, tricep kick-backs and bicep curls to name a few. The barbells’ buoyancy offers resistance, and you can even combine the workouts with pool jogging sessions in the water for added cardiovascular.

How to Lose Weight

Water Polo:

The perfect workout occurs when you are propelling yourself to win instead of focusing on your heart rate. This is a challenging exercise, but an amazingly enjoyable one too. You can challenge yourself to pass and shoot while you tread the pool water, then you can try stopping the opposing side from doing the same.

When playing water polo you can burn between 400 and 800 calories every hour. This means that playing one game daily will burn fat from your body after just one week. In addition, participating in team sports will increase your effort level since you are aware that your fellow players are counting on you. This means you can really slim down while you play this water sport.

Simple swimming:

Many people are amazed at how one can tone muscles and burn fat just by swimming leisurely laps in the swimming pool. A relaxed swim can burn about 500 calories per hour. If you are in the beginning stages, make it a habit to swim a couple of laps, take time out, after which you can swim more. Your aim is to increase to as many as possible without taking a time out.

How to Lose Weight

Pool Exercises to Lose Weight!

Are you ready to learn how to lose weight and tone your entire body with a Redding backyard pool? Get in touch with Premier Pools & Spas of Redding today and start swimming in in quality and style.

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