Most dogs like to go for a swim in your pool. They are covered in fur, and they use their tongue or nose to release heat from their bodies. You can bet that the dogs are more prone to feeling the heat during the summer.

The good news is, your swimming pool can help ease them off the heat. These furry friends love the water, and you cannot keep them from leaping into the swimming pool to cool off. But that presents an issue for you. How can you get rid of the dog hair, which can compromise your pool’s filtration system?

Below are pool maintenance tips that can help keep the dog fur to a minimum:

Use a skimmer sock

You can use an old pair of pantyhose or a hairnet. Ensure it has a good mesh material. You can use this as an additional filter layer to keep dog hair from going through the skimmer basket’s larger holes. It will keep both human and dog hair from being forced to work the filtration system harder than it has to.

De-shed dogs before you allow them into the swimming pool

It is not really difficult to do so. You simply need to use a de-shedder to scrub their hair thoroughly. It will help get rid of the weaker fur, which can be shed in the swimming pool when your furry friend goes for a swim. In addition to that, this will also help keep your pet’s hair from tangling when it gets wet.

Swimming pool sweep

This is another gadget you can use during pool maintenance. It is often positioned where the pool water is sucked to go through the filtration system or at the bottom of the swimming pool. It will help keep dog fur and other foreign matter from floating all over the swimming pool. Just be sure you clean this regularly to keep it functioning efficiently. Obviously, you can also work with a robotic swimming pool sweep that does not depend on the water pressure that is sucked from the swimming pool. It will help you get hair from all parts of the swimming pool.

Hand vacuum

Even though you have a powerful filtration system, you still need to have a hand vacuum in place. Ideally, you would like it to have its own interior filter. This might help remove clumps of dog fur, which has landed at the bottom of the swimming pool. Your filtration system will have less hair to work on.

pool maintenance

Stronger filtration system

Once you know that your furry friend will be floating around in your pool, you might want to install a stronger filtration system. This will make sure that the dog fur will not compromise the ability of your pool to clean itself. Also, ensure that your filtration system has a consistent maintenance schedule.

Take note of these pool maintenance tips when you have a dog that loves playing in the pool. Of course, you do not wish to have your dog’s fur on your face as you go for a dip yourself.

Pool maintenance will always be easy and fast!

Tips on Removing Dog Hair from the Pool