Making a big splash with the Gulfport pool party is the best way to celebrate the imminent summers. You can enjoy relaxing time with close friends and a drink in your hand. But, throwing a pool party needs a lot of work. You must be up to the challenge. Here are things you can prepare before you host an amazing pool party.Dallas

Plan in Advance

In your pool party, you would like your guests to have all the fun they can. So, assess what activities you must plan and amenities that you need. The equipment must be readily accessible and there should be ample space to organize multiple activities at a time. If you have limited space near your pool, plan sit-down activities at tables and lounge chairs.

Prepare Pool Snacks

When planning the food for your party, don’t get overboard or too fancy. Heavy appetizers will make your guests bloat while lighter grub would hardly serve their appetite. If grilling is on your list, choose seafood. Also, you can add refreshing tropical fruits to the mix. They are perfect for hot summer afternoons.

For starters, there are options like meat skewers and grilled chicken. No matter what makes to your party menu, keep it light and safe. If you’re planning to cook outside, stay cautious of food safety standards and keep your food well-covered.

Tips to Prepare Your Gulfport Backyard for an Amazing Pool Party 1

Spice Up the Deck

To set the right tone for Gulfport pool party, you need to decorate the pool deck with vivid colors. Choose colorful balloons, flowers, and lanterns to light up your space. Decorate the poolside and your patio as per the party theme if any. Illuminate the space with tiki torches, glowing LED lights, or glow sticks. Set up a picnic table with color coordinated place settings and runners.

Put Ample Lights for Evening Fun

Your party may start off under the sun but it may very well end by the sundown. So, you must plan ahead to illuminate your backyard for safety and ambiance. Add appropriate lights to walk areas and landscaping. For dining areas, you can use string lights or lanterns hanging from the trees.

Create a Drinks Corner

A pool party will be excruciatingly boring without a drinks bar. It should be there on your checklist to set up a large format of self-served punch with a chest of ice. Mix a lot of flavored cocktails with fresh watermelons, citrus, and strawberries. Don’t forget to put up plenty of water when your guests prepare their own drinks.

Atlanta Pool party

Add Floats to the Pool

Throw a few giant party floats such as paddle balls and flamingos to your pool. However, if you have a lot of young population at your party, choose colorful party favors to let them enjoy. For a kids’ pool party, you need to be cautious as well. Keep close supervision of the children when they make a splash in the pool.

Last but not least, let your pool take the center stage. Add exciting water toys and other interesting props so every guest enjoys a lovely time in your Gulfport pool party.

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