Most people just cover their pools in winter and open it again in spring. But a lot goes into winter pool maintenance. Pool maintenance is very important in order to have a safe and secure swimming environment all through the year. Irrespective of the climate of your location, you need to take special care of your pool in winter. Let us see some tips on how you can maintain your pool successfully.

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How to Properly Maintain Your Pool in Winter

Whether you own a pool which is constantly in a thick blanket of snow or you live in a suntan area, winter pool maintenance is crucial. It is also important to protect your investment as winter is the time when your Gulf Coast swimming pool is more vulnerable to damages.

Freezing temperatures and contaminated water are the main ways in which your pool can get damages. This is the reason most residential pools remain closed in the season. However, there are some pool owners who install pool heating systems and use the pool in winter. Either way, there are some necessary precautions you need to remember.

Winter pool maintenance involves covering the pool, taking care of your pool equipment, and balancing the water.


Pool Cover

Covering Your Pool

To winterize your pool in colder areas, you can use traditional pool covers. You can close your pool as soon as the pool season ends. This protects your pool from the cold weather and harsh conditions. But that is not the only function of a pool cover.

A pool cover can also prevent debris, leaves, and animals from entering your pool while it is not in use. Pool covers come in various styles that can offer different functions. For example, solar pool covers heat the pool and extend the swim season. Try getting an automatic pool cover that is sturdy and safe for the entire family.

Cleaning Pool Equipment

When the pool is not in use, more often than not, you tuck the pool equipment away and forget about them. However, pool parts require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them in a good condition.

In order to have your pool equipment working as good as new, inspect them from time to time, all year round. Once you remove the skimmer baskets and filters, make sure that there is no dirt or debris clogging them. After this, inspect that your pool pump and heater did not get cracks due to freezing water. Take the help of Gulf Coast pool service for repair and maintenance of pool equipment.

Vanishing edge poolChecking Pool Chemistry

If you do not drain your pool completely, you have to keep your water chemistry balanced. This way, you can prevent algae, bacteria, and contamination. Additionally, this stops the water lines from forming.

One thing to remember is that you need to discard the chemicals from the last season as they won’t be as effective. Add antifreeze if required, and check the water levels so as to prevent damage to the tiles and pool liner.

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