There is more to a swimming pool than using it just to swim in. You can, in fact, use it for burning extra calories. There are a lot of pool health benefits that comes with exercising in your pool. Losing weight is one of them. With a few minutes of swimming and proper workout regimes, you can burn fat and heal many health issues as well. If you love to hit the pool, here are some tips and exercises that can help to burn more calories and make the most of your swimming pool:

Tips to Use Your Gulf Coast Pool to Burn Calories 2

Pool Planks

Planks can help to strengthen the core muscles.  However, it can be hard to hold the plank position for long time to give a good push to your abdominal muscles. If you try this exercise in the pool, it becomes easier. Pushing and pulling water on you increase the core endurance. All you need to do is stand on the pool floor holding a pool noodle vertically in your hands. Pull it straight down into the water and lean ahead until your body comes to an incline. Stay in a stable position for 1-2 minutes.

Double Leg Raises

Although this exercise seems easy, it actually isn’t. Your legs may feel a little pull after this exercise. Lean on the edge of the pool and lower your legs downwards in a straight position. Now, raise them slowly as high as you can manage to. You can rest your elbows on the pool edge. If you are a beginner, you can sit on the edge with your legs in the water and do this exercise.

Water Aerobics

Increase the Pace of Your Swimming

If you swim at the same pace every day, you should increase this intensity to burn more calories. Your swimming rate is directly correlated to the number of calories that you burn in the same unit of time. So, if you can swim fast enough, it helps to burn more fat.

In fact, research from American College of Sports Medicine says that if a person swims freestyle at a faster pace for one hour, he/she burns 704 calories. It is much higher than 493 calories that you can burn by swimming slowly. Take help from a faster swimming professional to help you in setting the pace for your swim sessions.

Try One-Legged Balance

To strengthen the leg and core muscles, you can try one-legged balance exercise in your pool. It is responsible to maintain the balance without the risk of falling. You can rely on your core muscles to increase your static balance and to keep you straight. Stand in the waist-high water level with your one knee up. Now place the middle of a pool noodle under the same foot and keep your hands on the sides. Balance your body on one leg for a minute and then, switch the legs and repeat the same process.

Water Aerobics

Use Pool Equipment

There is some pool health equipment that you can buy for your daily workouts. You need paddles, fins, and snorkels to this effect. The pieces of equipment like fins and paddles will directly increase muscle activation and elevate the heart rate.

So, swimming is a purposeful exercise that you can push to burn calories. To ensure this pool health benefit, find the best pool services and get your pool ready for your workouts.

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