Longer days and hot temperatures mean most of us are preparing to spend some essential time at the poolside. The perfect backyard pool must-haves will help you and your loved ones maximize your Salt Lake City pool experience. While you are stocking up on flip flops and sunscreen, you might also want to look at some of these wonderful swimming pool must-haves.

Pool Experience

Here are some must-haves to think about for the ultimate pool experience.

1. Pool toys

If you have children, you will certainly require the best choice of pool toys. Playing a friendly game of catch or trying to find a diving stick can offer many hours of fun for your loved ones.

2. Music

Begin now and put together a pool-side playlist with your preferred tunes. If you do not have speakers fixed around the swimming pool, you can always choose a portable Bluetooth speaker for the ultimate summer pool experience.

3. A phone’s waterproof case

Phones are a beneficial tool for pool owners. They are great for taking pictures of the children splashing around. But using your phone around the swimming pool will make it prone to water damage. Buying a waterproof phone case will help minimize the possibility the phone will get damaged and provide you with some reassurance.

4. Towels

Rather than only one towel, make sure you carry a few. When you have several, you can have one towel for drying off that will become wet, and another good, dry towel for lounging on. If you have wooden, metal or plastic swimming pool chairs, it’s good to have a plush towel available for comfort.

Pool Experience

5. Eye protection

Goggles are good for water lovers both the old and young. From enhanced visibility to assisting reluctant children have a more comfortable pool experience; there are lots of benefits to putting on goggles in the swimming pool. You’ll find different types of goggles that work great for different pool water activities (like racing, snorkeling, diving, etc.), so it may be worth getting a couple of pairs on hand.

6. First aid kit

It’s important to have a first aid kit close at hand, particularly if you have children. Though you might tell your children not to run at the swimming pool, children unavoidably might fall down and get hurt. When you have first aid items and band-aids at hand and convenient, it can prevent you the need to track them down.

7. Sun protection

You should have sunscreen to help prevent burns and also prevent premature aging and skin conditions. Though most sunscreens claim they are waterproof, make sure you reapply sunscreen after you get in the swimming pool.

8. Hats

These cannot only help in preventing sunburn but can also assist keep the sun off your face and out of the eyes. In addition, hats are an elegant accessory for the swimming pool.

9. Coolers

If you are throwing a pool party and it is very hot outdoors, you’ll most likely want an ice-cold drink in your hand. It’s important to have a cooler, which ensures the drinks stay icy cold.

10. Pool lounges and floats

Not a single thing can beat the experience of floating in your backyard oasis. From inflatable rings to hammocks to loungers, there are lots of colors, shapes, and sizes to select from. Pool floats are good for enhancing your pool experience when you’ve some free time to unwind, and durable enough to withstand playtime with the children as well.

Pool Experience

For Fun Pool Experience – Hire the Experts!

We hope you have a great time in your backyard oasis this summer! Once you are equipped with all your must-have items, contact us at Premier Pools & Spas of Salt Lake City today. We’ll help you to have much more fun in the sun.

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