If you want to build a natural pool in your backyard, there are a lot of natural pool designs that you can choose from. In this article, we are going to take a look at 10 different natural pool designs. Without further ado, let’s check out 10 amazing pool designs.

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1) Hidden Oasis

Top 10 Natural Pool Designs 11

This design features a half swimming pool and half regeneration area. It is surrounded by natural, swimming pool friendly plants that also provide with your backyard oasis with a eco-friendly environment. (Living-pool.eu)

2) Woodhouse Demonstration Pool

Top 10 Natural Pool Designs 12

This natural pool will attract a lot of natural predators like dragonflies and water striders. They will occupy the enrichment area and feed on mosquitoes. Don’t worry about mosquitoes as you can install a skimmer.

3) Oxfordshire Natural Pool

Top 10 Natural Pool Designs 13

In winter, this pool can work as an ice rink as you won’t need to cover it. (gartenart.co.uk)

4) Clear Water Revival Pool

Top 10 Natural Pool Designs 14

This type of pool should be left for 60 days for self-adjustment. However, if you install an ultraviolet sterilizer close to the pump area, you don’t need to wait for two months. (clear-water-revival.com)

5) French Natural Pool

Top 10 Natural Pool Designs 15

On the right side of the natural pool, you can see the plant pond. This pool is built in France. (bioteich.fr) Among the natural pool designs, this one is quite popular.

6) Les Vans Pool

Top 10 Natural Pool Designs 16

This pool shows how a natural pool can allow a family to have fun. A natural swimming pool is not that different from a regular concrete pool. The biggest difference is that a natural swimming pool is better for the environment. Your backyard will still be an incredible oasis that you and your family can enjoy.

7) Natural Swimming Pool Ecological

Top 10 Natural Pool Designs 17

Natural pools are quite popular in Austria, and their popularity has been moving around the world. A lot of homeowners want to move over to a more environmentally friendly backyard. Some people have simply changed their pool chlorinating process from chlorine to salt water.

8) Two-Tiered Pool

Top 10 Natural Pool Designs 18

In the photo, you can see a two-tiered waterfall that helps with the oxygenation of the pool. (naturalpoolsnz.com)

9) Cottage At Home Pool

Top 10 Natural Pool Designs 19

Although it was a difficult project for the builders, this pool is quite breathtaking. It shares the functionality of a natural pool but looks as beautiful as a pond.

10) Hybrid Natural Pool

Top 10 Natural Pool Designs 20

A hybrid pool uses two circulation pumps. The first pump is used to circulate water via the rock and plant filters before it’s sent back to the pond bottom. The other pump pulls water via the skimmers and filters out debris.

Skimmers clean the water with a filter system like a biofilter or UV filter, and then the water goes back into the pool. For oxygenation, a waterfall is used. (naturalswimmingpools.co.za)

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