Pool games let you do more with your St. Louis backyard pool than simply soak up the sun, float, and swim. With a good choice of water games, it helps to encourage your children to use their imagination and resources to take on the different water activities properly. Toys and pool games are simple to play but they are loads of fun as well. They will take your preferred outdoor activities out of the heat and into the swimming pool this summer season for lots of fun. Premier Pools & Spas of St. Louis has 10 pool games to share with you to help make your pool party unforgettable!

pool games

Here are some pool games to consider at Your St. Louis Pool Party.

1. Chicken Fight:

Older children usually love this game. This game is preferred by older children. It involves riding piggyback in groups of two while the individual on top attempts topple the opposite team’s individuals over.

2. Mermaid Races:

This game is also called submarine races or Dolphin races. The concept of this water game is to see the person who can hold their breath for a long time while swimming across the pool and the person who will swim the longest distance.

3. Finders – keepers:

With this game, you do not have to limit yourself to a treasure chest. Simply toss in anything you have, keys, a toy, your waterproof phone, watch, or anything else you think won’t be damaged by the pool water, and you can give to a person who finds it. Finders – keepers.

4. Automatic Whirlpool:

You need to get all your buddies and simply circle the pool a couple of time to make a current. The current gets stronger as many people join.

5. Noodle Jousting:

The aim of this game is to knock your opposing team of their raft. With groups of two or a one-on-one fight, you attempt to remain on your raft. While floating around the swimming pool, the jousting starts by using pool noodles to knock one another.

pool games

6. Water Basketball:

This is is a rather inexpensive way to have plenty of fun with your backyard oasis. You can purchase a pool basketball hoop and use basically any type of ball you want. This addition to the pool permits a lot of enjoyment with different kinds of water basketball mini-games such as standard basketball, knock-out, and HORSE.

7. Scavenger Hunt:

This game involves collecting diveable things that will sink in pairs of two, assemble the participants into teams and see which team can pick up the objects first.

8. Ping Pong:

Getting to the pool’s bottom might be fun but so is picking up items at the surface of the water. Ping Pong balls are lightweight and can be difficult to spot. Collecting the ping pong balls at the surface, you can also write initials to find your own or write numbers on them for point value for initials. The game gets more fun when you use more ping pong balls.

9. Marco Polo:

The Marco Polo game involves finding the other participants with eyes closed. Somebody shouts “Marco!” and the other participants answer back with “Polo!”

10. Belly Flop Competition:

Children often want to do these kinds of jumps anyway and why not make it into a competition. Points are for hardest smack, biggest splash and who judges favorite.

pool games

Do you have a pool at home? Which kind of pool games would you like to add to this list?

Let’s help you get the best pool started!

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