10 Pool Water Features You Must Have

The sight and sound of pool water features can add a sense of calmness and a level of thrill, based on the type you select. Premier Pools and Spas will help you add new life and update your existing pool with various kinds of pool water features.

Since each kind of water feature varies in cost, style, and size, you should plan for the area you have and how intricate you will want the feature to be. After that, it is just a matter of choosing a feature to fit your budget and style.

Our expert design team at Premier Pools & Spas builds amazing custom pool water features. We’ll help you design or choose the best unique feature for your backyard space and pool.

Here are the different types of pool water features:

Pool Water Features

1. Spillover Spa

This is an incorporated custom-built spa that’s raised above the swimming pool. It functions as a type of functional water feature since it trickles or spills into the pool.

2. Bubblers

Also called gushers, bubblers are small jets in a pool’s shallow surface that shoot streams of pool water that bubble up and ripple. You can adjust the heights of the streams of water as well. They are fun pool water features that children will enjoy to splash around in. Bubblers provide your pool with a unique appearance and can be the focal point for your remodeled or new pool. You can create a fun way to illuminate the night by adding colorful lights.

3. Spillways

These usually offer gentle running water sounds for function or effect. You can use spillways to pass pool water from one place to another. Pool water will pass through a small hole or cut-out slowly.

4. Rain Curtain

This is a narrow and usually wide curtain or sheet of water often overhang, mounted on a pergola roof, or a wall that falls into the swimming pool.

5. Waterfall

They are one of the most common pools water features when combined with pools. Waterfalls are usually created with boulders or rocks as part of a naturalistic swimming pool design.

Pool Water Feature

6. Deck Jets

These are fountains that shoot pool water from your paving or deck into the pool. Desk jets make swimming in your own Temecula backyard oasis an enjoyable experience, particularly for the children. Keep in mind, however, that while these features make a great addition to the pool, regular maintenance is important to stop clogging.

7. Fountain

A fountain in or alongside the pool with a spillway is an ever-increasing trend in the world of pool water features. A pool owner can work with the style and size, and select a theme that’s just right for their landscaping and home.

8. Sheer Curtain

A sheer curtain creates a wide curtain of water, which drops straight down into your pool. These pool water features are effective under swim-out spaces, ledges, and cantilevers.

9. Scuppers

A scrubber is a spout or slot that’s connected to pedestal or wall. Styles of water flow include sheet, trough, and chute.

10. Spouts

These offer a small space for pool water flow for water sounds or effect. You can use stone pots or terra-cotta as water pots along your pool’s ledge.

Spout Pool Water Features

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