Owning a pool in your Temecula backyard is often a fun-filled way to keep cool during summer. But it’s also hard work to maintain a pool, especially if you’re looking to keep the pool water sparkling throughout the summer season. Should you neglect the pool at all, the pool water can change to green, foggy and even cloudy quickly. But it will simply need a couple of important steps practiced on a regular basis to have the perfect Temecula clean pool. This will ensure it is always ready for friends and family to enjoy.

Temecula clean pool

Here are 10 tips for keeping a perfect Temecula clean pool:

1. Checking chlorination

If you use chlorine in your pool, make sure you check out the chlorine dispenser every week to ensure it is operating well and has enough chlorine. You can also keep an eye on the chlorine levels in your pool to make sure any issues are spotted in good time.

2. Keep it clean

You should clean out the skimmer basket at least once every week. During spring and fall, you might want to do it a lot more regularly. You should also look for debris inside the pool pump every few weeks; just remember to turn off the pool pump first. Additionally, depending on the clarity of your pool water, you should clean the pool filters every one to two months, or sooner.

3. Filtering

The pool pump plays a big role in ensuring perfect Temecula clean pool water. Without the pool pump, the pool will be a lagoon quite fast. Remember to leave the pool pump running every day, for 8 to 12 hours.

4. Pool circulation

To maintain the right chemical balance in the pool, you should do pool circulation. If you operate the pool pump for 8 to 12 hours every day, it will move the pool water around and maintain the water’s crucial chemical balance.

Temecula clean pool

5. Take care of your equipment

Maintaining and servicing regularly are great precautionary measures. They will extend your equipment and pool’s life.

6. Checking your pool’s water level

Every week you should check your pool’s water level and add water when necessary. If you are unsure about the water level, please get in touch with us and we will inform you. Furthermore, if you clean along your pool’s water line, it will minimize build up from.

7. Skimming

Keep the pool clean from debris by using a wall skimmer. But if you have a tree above your pool, you require something more powerful since leaves can clog up a wall skimmer. If you have piles of leaves to pick up you can use a leaf skimmer.

8. Cover your pool

Make sure you cover the pool when it is not in use. This will help keep dirt, debris, bug, and dirty water out of the pool.

9. Brushing

Another way to help keep Temecula clean pool is pool tile cleaning. You can use a pool brush to get the job done. Replace the brush on a regular basis or else it might damage the pool liner. You should brush your pool at least once every week, although doing more will not hurt.

Temecula clean pool

Temecula Clean Pool – Conclusion

There are lots of more tips we can provide you with, so keep checking back with us here at Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula, or simply call us any time you have any questions! We are willing to help!

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