Nowadays, it seems that a custom spa is a must-have addition to most luxury pools. The combination of a pool and spas designs will create a backyard retreat where homeowners in the Hamptons will enjoy both pool and spa. They can splash around and swim laps with the children in the backyard oasis. After that, take a soothing dip in the spa to relax. Homeowners in the Hamptons can integrate a spa with a pool in a range of ways.

pool and spas designs

Here are combinations of pool and spas designs you can consider:

1. Pool with Raised Perimeter-Overflow Spa

This is another common combination of pool and spas designs. Pool with Raised Perimeter-Overflow Spa creates a stunning effect that a spa’s walls are lower than the water filled in it, making the water to overflow. Water is recycled back into the spa thanks to a catch below, instead of it cascading into your pool.

Our pool and spa experts can either attach or integrate this style. The integrated choice gives the impression that the spa is elevating out from the backyard pool and is afloat. You can finish the decoration using tile, which provides it with an effect of reflection.

2. Pool and Detached Spa

While a spa will certainly improve the design and fun of a backyard pool in the Hamptons, there are instances when the pool and spa need to be separate.

When there’s limited space around your backyard pool, installing the spa in another space on your property can permit a larger spa. Furthermore, setting the spa away from your pool area may give a bit more privacy if you’re looking for a relaxing retreat.

3. Pool with Attached Spa

An attached spa is adjacent to the pool or outside of it. It is usually the same design as the pool and can be any size or shape.

pool and spas designs

An elegant pool and spa design combination comprise of an attached spa, which can be built elevated above your pool or inground with your pool. It’s often anywhere from 6 – 18 inches, although 12 to 18 inches are most popular elevation.

4. Pool with Spillover Spa

The best way to have a spillover spa is having a pool with a raised spa. The spa water flows into the pool since the walls of the spa are lower than the height of the water.

The manner in which these design works is usually a thin water layer flows over evenly into the swimming pool.

5. Pool with Integrated Spa

This is a design where the spa is set inside the pool and seems to be part of the overall shape of the pool. Depending on your preferred pool shape, the spa is usually set in at the pool’s end or in the corner. You’ll find a square set of walls constructed in the pool. The wall helps to separate hot water from the cold. You can choose any size and shape of a spa depending on your preferences.

pool and spas designs

Pool and Spas Designs – Hire Premier Pools & Spas

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