Top 5 Pool Problems and Solutions

Keeping up with maintenance on your pool is a big deal, if you don’t keep up with it you can run into problems. Premier Pools is going to address 5 pool problems and also give you some solutions to those problems.


green-poolMost people don’t want to go swimming with the “green muck” floating around. Well that green muck is called Algae and it’s the most common problem people have in their swimming pool. Algae is caused by the lack of chemicals in your pool. A quick treatment is to buy shock and chlorine and address your pool to the right amounts of shock per every 10 gallons of water. For more information on treating your pool click here.


There are some foams that are created on the surface of the pool due to too many chemicals that you’re adding to your pool. The most common chemical to activate the foaming process is algaecides, trying to get rid of algae may cause foam. Well the solution to getting rid of the foam is to go and proceed in getting anti-foam based chemicals.

Murky Water:

Diving into a pool and can’t see the bottom? Murky or cloudy water is yet another common occurrence and is easily fixed. Cloudy water is caused by your pools pH levels are too high or low. Rain also messes with pool water pH levels. A simple treatment is to test your pool with a test strip. More information here.

Pool Stains:

Homeowners start to notice pool stains along the walls of their pool. They are normally a brown color and they are caused by high minerals in your pool. The solution is to hire a professional and have them replace the tile or wall with the stains on them.

Filter Clogged:

Having a clogged filter is a good thing. You don’t need to replace the filter, it isn’t broken. When the filter is clogged it actually means it’s doing it’s job. Just need to clean the filter out and it will be as good as new.

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