Like every commodity, swimming pools come in different designs, shapes, sizes, and styles. You must choose wisely when building the pool of your dreams. From infinity edges to classic rectangles, swimming pool designs are nearly endless. Here are some popular designs that help you create the best pool for swimming.

Architectural Pool

The name gives it all away. Architectural pools have unique structures and echo the style of house construction. It even uses the same material used in your house construction. This kind of pool gives your yard a sophisticated look by being cohesive and geometric.

More often, architectural pools are built by an architect. Are you planning on a custom-built home? Then consider building an architectural pool simultaneously. This process will find the size of your lot, and the relationship of your pool to the house.

Infinity Pools

infinity edge

An infinity pool for swimming is often custom -built and created for highlighting a view. When done right, it gives you an illusion of a water sheet falling off the edge of your property. This is like a waterfall, but you cannot hear or see the falling water. But the trick lies in simple science and math. Water flows over your pool’s wall into a hidden trough. Water from this trough is recycled and let into your pool again.

Infinity pools are ideal for homes that overlook spectacular scenery like rivers, mountains, or cityscapes. Don’t be disheartened if you do not have natural beauty around your house. Having natural lushness like palm tree groves, wooded glens, or beautiful backyard landscape can also help you own an infinity pool.

Recreational Swimming Pool For Families

Building a family pool for swimming has more to it than just a swim. These recreational pools are all about fun. Imagine the delight of having a water park theme in your yard. The only difference is, your theme will be on a smaller scale and fewer people.

Impressive water features, slides, caves, boulders, tunnels create a universal appeal. Although big enough, you can’t do full-scale swimming in these pools – at least not while the kids are enjoying pool time. If you like activity, entertainment, and excitement, then recreational pool might be just for you!

Natural Pool

Top 5 Swimming Pool Designs To Implement 1

Natural pools are self-cleaning pools with water gardens and swimming areas. You can have a natural pool in rustic style, freeform, with waterfalls and boulders, or can have a sleek and elegant structure as in contemporary architecture.

They are lined with reinforced polyethylene or rubber. There is an exclusive regeneration zone that acts as an organic cleaning system. Natural pools have clear water and are best advocated for those who don’t wish to swim in chlorinated water.

Classic Rectangle And Lap Pools

A rectangular pool for swimming serves more than just enhancing your home’s beauty. It is also used as a lap pool for swimming. Lap pools are used mostly for health and fitness purposes. They are narrow, long, and more than 50 feet in length.

You can be more creative and tweak your pool to an ‘’L’’ shape. This design will let you swim the laps and have a separate area for playing basketball, volleyball, or other pool games.

Pools can be designed in various sizes and shapes. Before taking the plunge, you must decide on the kind of design that works best for your home and family. Take a tour of the available choices and decide on the most feasible option.

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