Here Are Some Awesome Pool Games Your Family Will Love

Pool games are always a nice and simple thing to have and play when you’re hosting a pool party or you’re just having a few friends over. Either way it’s a blast

Noodle Jousting

 Need to play: Pool noodles and Pool rafts

The object of this jousting battle is the knock your opponent of their raft. With teams of two or a one-on-one battle, try to stay on your raft! Floating around the pool, the jousting begins with hitting each other with the pool noodles.  

Chicken Fight

The classic pool game that everyone knows and loves, a four player game with teams of two. Person A gets on Person B’s shoulders and the fight begins. The goal is to stay on your partner’s shoulders and to knock the other team over. This iconic game is always fun, but make sure to keep it safe!  

Dolphin race

Starting out with teams of two and a beach ball, the first person from each team races to the other side, but it’s not that easy! You also have to use the beach ball, keep it balanced on your head and if you use your hands to touch/hold the ball, you have to restart from the beginning.

Cardboard boat race

In teams you take cardboard, tape, and whatever else you want to use to style up your boat. You have 1 hour to build it, after that you set sail on the water, racing against one another but be mindful that you will sink! With that in consideration the boat that travels the farthest wins.

Pool Pong

With another version of beer pong, there are pool floats that hold your red solo cups for the iconic college game to continue in the pool, fill the cups up with water and your own your way to play pool pong. 
Shark in the Pool Game 
A game like tag but with a pool! Players are allowed to hop in and out of the water, while one selected player, the shark, tries to tag the other players. The shark is only allowed to tag the players when they are in the water and the additional players are only permitted 5 seconds out of the water. Another way to play is to not allow the players to get out of the water and if they get tagged they must sit out until the round is over.

Obstacle Course

With a group of kids, put them to the test. See who is the best. Motivate them with prizes and set up an obstacle course in the pool with various tasks to complete as they compete against each other.

-Grab the diving stick

-Go through a hula hoop

-touch the end of the pool and swim back before anyone else can.

Marco Polo 

One of the most classic pool games is Marco polo, when you have a group of friends and one of you are selected “it” while their eyes are closed and they shout “Marco!” they remaining players respond with “Polo”. The object of the game is for the person who is “it” to tag one of the polo players. Swim around the pool and avoid getting caught!

Popsicle Pool Game 

Taking the games you played as a kid and twisted the rules to play them in the pool. Freeze-tag in the water, Out of the group of players the person who is “it” tags the remaining players to freeze them, pretty straight forward. Now for the twist, if you’re tagged you stand straight up with your hands above your head, like a popsicle. If you are underwater you can’t be tagged and you have the ability to unfreeze your fellow teammates.

The Octopus Pool Game 

With one player who is selected to be the main octopus, tries to tag the players that are trying to get to the other side of the pool. If a player is tagged they join the octopus in the middle of the pool and in the end more players get tagged and join the middle, the last person who has yet to be tagged is the next player to be the octopus.

Outside the Pool Games

Water Balloon Fight

This can typically be played anyway you choose, whether you want to separate into teams and at the end the team who is most dry wins the victory or whether you want to play every man for himself and throw the balloons at free will.

Towel Water Balloon Toss

The object of the game is to catch as many water balloons between your team as possible. With teams of four and a towel given to each pair of teammates. Tossing the water balloons between your team from one towel to another, don’t drop your balloons or you’ll loss the victory.



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