1. Splash Pool

splash-poolLeading off our Top 6 Pool Designs is the splash pool which is a pool designed with shallow ends, it’s also known as a play pool. Great for the kids to splash and play in the shallow water as well as lounging out in the low water. It’s wonderful for children and adults both. The pool is even deep enough to host an in-the-pool basketball or volleyball game.

Splash pools can be attached to main pools, or deep pools to create a multi length pool but most homeowners prefer just the splash pool.

  1. Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools

The Infinity pool has multiple names, like the vanishing edge, disappearing edge, and the flooded edge. But the infinity pool normally looks out to a breathtaking view like a lake, ocean or mountain.   

The amazing effects of an infinity pool are created with the water flowing over a weir wall and falling into a catch basin and then the water recirculates back into the pool creating an endless water cycle. So the water horizon blends with the lake or ocean background giving a never ending view.


  1. Perimeter overflow pools

perimeter-overflowA perimeter overflow pool gives off an effect that looks to be a sheet of glass. It gives off a reflective surface by a constant flow of water over the pools edges, which goes into a container and then circulates back into the pool. This makes the pool have a smooth surface and doesn’t create ripples.

Most perimeter overflow pools are set on ground surfaces giving it access for a level grate but there are overflow pools set up with more of an elevation to form different shapes.

  1. Beach Entry Pools

Beach Entry Pools

Like the natural beach look and the perfect tropical feel a beach entry pool as a gradual slope going down from the deck and slowly entering to the water.

Another name for this type of pool is the zero-entry pool, the entryway has a shallow slope which goes into deeper water, so there’s no need for stairs or a ladder in the pool. Normally these types of pools are made with materials to look like sand, so you feel like you’re actually walking onto a beach.


  1. Lap Pools

lap-poolsA lap pool is used more for people training for swimming competitions, or those who like to swim for exercise. The length of lap pools tend to be 50 to 60 feet long.

The lap pool is not only used for athletic purposes, they are also designed by pool builders against backdrops with water features to be used when no one is in the pool for more of a relaxing feel.   

  1. Pools with additional spasPool with connected spa

Having a spa attached to the pool can come in handy, especially if you’ve done a physical workout in your pool, it’s nice to be able to relax in the hot tub/ spa.

A spa is able to be placed anywhere along the pool. The spa is even able to be elevated from the pool doubling as a water feature.  

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