It is certain you will head to the beach or swimming pool when you are on holiday; however, have you thought of taking your swim to the next level? Most destinations worldwide that have warm weather provide you with the opportunity to experience swimming with adorable animals. From taking swimming with wild pigs to snorkeling with sea turtles and many more.


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Here are 7 of the best swimming with animals experiences:

1. Saltwater crocodiles

Darwin’s Crocosaurus Cove provides you with the opportunity to get unnervingly near the saltwater crocodiles, which you would stay away from in any normal situations. If you love adventure, you will get the chance to climb into a see-through acrylic container within their enclosure, and what occurs next is determined by the mood of the 5-meter long salties. These beasts may ignore you; however, you may also get a full impact assault.

2. Pigs

The next big thing is floating around with the pigs. Exuma in the Bahamas is a relatively easy vacation spot to visit and get the opportunity to dip with the pigs. You have got to try this!

3. Manatees

Most getaways offer Manatee swims, if you would like something a bit closer to home, Florida is the best option. It will turn out to be a trip you will always remember. These animals are so gentle and love to give people cuddles. You will especially love when these creatures roll over and let you rub their bellies. Apart from you rubbing their tummies, you can also make them happy by feeding them some lettuce!


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4. Frolic in the water with Stingrays

This is not for the faint-hearted; being of one of the world’s top water destinations. Stingray City draws in the most daring snorkelers and scuba divers. Be ready to experience the stingrays brush up against you in droves (there are dozens of stingrays floating around) and they are less scared of you than you are of them.

5. Sea lions

Sea Lions are a lot of fun. Similar to dolphins, they like hanging out with people. Word of caution: you are going to be on the receiving end of loads of messy kisses.

6. Dolphins

It usually does not take long after Temptation Sailing’s boat departs from Glenelg marina to come across the bottlenose dolphin. As soon as they are nearby, you can slide off the back, and hold on to ropes.   With a bit of luck, the dolphins may decide to swim alongside. In case they do, it is a magical face-to-face view.  Dont forget to bring your waterproof camera or go Pro with you to capture these moments!


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7. Jellyfish

The reefs in Palau are ideal for snorkeling, and are certainly better than elsewhere in the world; however, there is one marine lake where you get to experience something fascinating. The marine lake is full of jellyfish, which have evolved not to sting. Though there are a handful of them at the edge of the water, by the time you reach the middle of the lake, you are surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of them, and it seems like you are in huge, living, moving pool.

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