So what is more pleasing than beating the heat with a refreshing dive into a fantastic swimming pool? Diving into a fantastic swimming pool in your very own yard, of course.

It is no big surprise that many of the cities with the largest pool scenes are in Arizona and Florida, two of the top states in America.

A few of the steamiest states in the nation, not having a swimming pool when the temperature surges, is virtually unimaginable.

Ocean and lakes are wonderful, but the cleanliness and crisp water of a swimming pool usually just a step away without the sand of the beach is appealing.

swimming pool

Take a look at these top swimming pool loving states and plan your getaway to a wonderful time in the water:


Since Florida has all-year-round warm temperatures, it may make more sense for the residents of Florida to construct a swimming pool at their backyards than it would for a dweller of a state such as North Dakota, where much cooler temperatures are experienced.

Sunshine State is home to two of the top pool-loving cities. Coral Springs, Florida, tops the list, where an amazing two-thirds of properties have one.

Contrary to some cities in Florida with a higher percentage of older people, Coral Springs is family friendly. Parents often look for homes with an inbuilt swimming pool for their children.

swimming pool


In the Grand CanyonState, a pool is usually viewed as essential by most potential home buyers and residents buyers; the temperature in summer reaches more than over 100 degrees. In a cluster of cities in the Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale metropolitan region, one-third of the property owners opt to upgrade their outdoor area into a pool.

And while Arizona, like California, experiences long-term drought, research done recently shows that existing pools swimming do not use that much water, particularly if you get a swimming pool cover to stop evaporation and keep out dust and debris.


In Plano, one of the wealthiest suburbs of Dallas, a private swimming pool is regarded as the most frequently preferred features.

There are not many community swimming pools being constructed here, which is most likely why people desire to have their swimming pool. Another possible reason: the influx of new companies in Dallas and the areas around. Non-natives particularly long for a rejuvenating pool close by to get them through the Texas heat.

swimming pool

However, contrary to a few of other top pool-loving places, a watery oasis is neither a distinct dealmaker nor deal-breaker in selling a property here. Generally, a swimming pool is well-received among families with kids, considerably less for senior buyers.

Then again, it does not take a water lover to savor Plano’s massive and popular Texas-shaped pool; a public space currently striving for landmark status.

Americas Top Pool Loving States

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How Can I Finance My Swimming Pool?

From unsecured loans to secured home improvement loans, our partners offer a variety of pool loan financing options with a typical turnaround time that ranges between 24 and 48 hours. They offer fixed rates with no prepayment penalties which allow you to get your swimming pool when you want it – NOW!

We also recommend talking to your local lender or credit union as they may have programs that are not published. For specific details, contact your local Premier Pools and Spas branch.

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