Installing a custom inground pool in your Palm Desert backyard is luxury without comparison. There are lots of items to consider when planning a building project, from the location and style to size and colors. You’ll find a variety of Palm Desert water features to think about for your pool project. You want to ensure you spend some time discussing this with the best Premier Pools, Palm Desert pool builders about your choices. You can add these into your existing pool or incorporate them to your new pool project.

Palm Desert Water Features

Here are some Palm Desert water features to consider for your pool.

Before you purchase a water feature or consult an expert builder, you need to be familiar with the kind of water features. The reason being, you should know the logistics included during the installation of specific Palm Desert water features. Also, know the ones that will look great for your Pam Desert pool.


They are bubbling, playful fountains often positioned on a tanning ledge or steps. These water features spray up from under the pool water. This Palm Desert water features often create a more unpredictable, freeform fountain that will invite fun in your backyard pool.


A waterfall makes a classic addition to any style of swimming pool and always loved by kids. Our custom-built waterfalls provide never-ending choices, from spa spillovers to flagstone waterfalls and rock waterfalls. It is a pool water feature that everybody will like.


Scuppers are a good way to add ambiance to your backyard oasis. They are available in all sizes and shapes and disperse water into your pool from silt, a hole, or at times in the form of a bowl. You can make scuppers stunning centers of attention at night by adding LED lighting into your backyard pool.

Palm Desert Water Features

Fire and water bowls

A good way to add ambiance to any backyard oasis is by adding fire and water bowls. You can unwind to sounds of calming water at daytime, and enjoy the beautiful light during the night. Our expert team at Premier Pools, Palm Desert pool builders will be glad to bring it to pass.

LED Lighting

You can add an entirely new dimension to your backyard poolscape by using LED lighting. Whether you are adding LED accent lighting into custom features such as steps, bubblers, and rainfalls or throughout the project, a little bit of lighting goes a very long way.

Pool slides

Our custom-designed pool water slides are created to accentuate the overall design of your pool while providing you with endless hours of enjoyment. Each pool water slide fits the shape of your pool with materials and colors that go with the pool deck and coping.

Palm Desert Water Features

Palm Desert water features will make a big difference in how your pool is constructed in relationship to the landscape and your home. Landscaping, patios, decks, and pavement can complete the design. Contact us to talk about which choices will be more effective with the space you have available. Working with landscaping and water features is one of the fun parts of our work at Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Desert.

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