Working out in your swimming pool can be extremely rewarding. A daily dose of pool exercise can relieve your stress and reduce the soreness of muscles. Swimming is not only good for staying fit, but also for toning your body. Without impact, pool workouts provide firm resistance as well. So, if you own a pool, here are some exercises that you must try out.

pool exercise

Try Pool Planks

As a proven core strengthener, pool planks give resilience to the abdominal muscles. It boosts the endurance of your body. To do this exercise, you should stand straight on the pool floor holding a pool noodle in your hands. Keep it in a vertical position. Now, press the noodle straight under the water and tilt forward until your body comes to an even level. Keep yourself stable in this condition for 1-2 minutes.

Double Leg Lift

It is also a good exercise to strengthen the muscles in your body. Simply lean back on the edge of your pool and keep your legs straight down. Now raise them as high as you can while keeping both the legs together and straight. It becomes difficult to do this exercise in water because your body has to fight with its natural buoyancy.

Go For Pool Kicks

With your arms stretched out and a kickboard in front of you, pool kicks are quite effective as a daily workout for your abs and thighs. Keep the kickboard at an arm’s length and flex your feet for different kicks. While swimming, you should pool your navel to the spine. You can try flutter kicks in which you need to extend your legs straight back. Keep them kicking up and down with a swift motion. To practice frog kicks, you need to bend your knees and draw your legs close to the body. Now, straighten your legs as much as is possible and try to bring them up swiftly.

Do Pike Scull

For robust abs and arms, you should do pike scull in your pool. It is an effective pool exercise that you must try. To do pike scull, stand at the shallow side of your pool. Now, tread putting your hands on their sides. Pull up your legs and fold them near the hips while making a V with your head and toes. Keep still in this position and move your hands in small circles on the water. You should do this exercise for 30 seconds for its effectiveness.

pool exercise

Try K-Tread

If you aim for a well-toned body, you should try targeted K-tread in your pool. This exercise helps to shed many calories and it equals a run at 6 miles/hour. To do K-tread, you need to swim in the deeper end of your pool. Make small circles on the water and lift your legs one by one in front of you up to the hip level. The toe of another leg should point toward the pool floor. Stay still in this position for 5 seconds.

With a pool exercise that does not exert your body and muscles too much, you can enjoy your pool ownership with perks of fitness as well.