The dry heat in Tucson is one of the reasons that people love living in Arizona. What you should know is that you can beat the heat with a swimming pool instead of sitting in your backyard burning. This article is focused on the many reasons you should build a swimming pool with Premier Pools and Spas.

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Beat the Heat & Choose Your Designs

When you are thinking of ways to beat the heat, a swimming pool is most likely the first thing that comes to mind. Anytime you are outside and want to cool off, finding a nice pool in your backyard would be beneficial. A swimming pool gives you the option to get instant relief from the dry Arizona heat and the sun that is beating down on your head. There is also a limitless amount of design options for a swimming pool in your backyard.

Gunite & Shotcrete

When choosing a swimming pool design that best suits you and your family, it is best to know how a swimming pool is made. When a pool shell is created, gunite and shotcrete are considered the best materials to use for this task. Shotcrete has factory-mixed wet materials that are delivered by concrete truck while when they use gunite, it is mixed at the site of the pool construction.

Pool designs are creative works of entertainment. When you’re picking the right pool design to put into your backyard, keep in mind of what kind of backyard oasis you’re trying to achieve. There is a wide selection of themes you can bring to life in your backyard. Some of these designs involve, a beach getaway, a relaxing lake day, a natural environment, and many more!

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With its wide range of decorative options, shotcrete is popular since other materials are available in predesigned shapes, but with this material you can get about any shape and design that you want. You can add benches and other amenities that you want.


When you use fiberglass, you can get any design in different predetermined shapes and sizes, and they are pre-made, then sent to your location where your pool builder will continue and finish the job. There’s not much to do other than let your trusted pool builders create the backyard of your dreams for you. Additionally, don’t forget to mention pool lights to your pool building manager. He will install beautiful luminescent lights to light up your swimming pool, giving night swimming a magical touch.


If you decide to build a swimming pool with a liner then the vinyl liner will be the least expensive, and vinyl liners are non-porous which inhibits algae growth. Instead of a concrete pool, a vinyl liner has to be replaced over a certain amount of time. Keep in touch with your pool building manager to make sure your vinyl liner stays in tact while you’re using it. If anything should happen to the pool liner Premier Pools & Spas is also outstanding when it comes to remodeling jobs.

Tucson: Beat the Heat with a Swimming Pool 2

Choosing Your Beat the Heat Pool Options

Beat the heat this summer with a pool in your Tucson backyard. Premier Pools & Spas is here to help with any questions you may have. Our expert pool contractors will help make your dreams come true. We know all about pools and can help you pick the best pool design for you and your family. Let us use our expertise to help you get the pool that you want.

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