Tucson pool builders,

have great customer service, they are the people to contact if you’re looking for advice on designing your perfect birthday partydream pool. As professional pool contractors our goal is to deliver and satisfy our customers with the swimming pool of their dreams. Homeowners and loyal customers shouldn’t be wiry of the size of their backyards in Tucson, Arizona. Premier Pools, Tucson pool builders can create something marvelous even if it is in a compact spot. No matter what the size of your backyard is, we can build you the perfect swimming oasis.

Consultation with Premier Pools: Sit down and design the swimming pool of your dreams. The Tucson pool builders with ask you a series of questions so we can get an idea of what exactly you want in your backyard. How big of a swimming pool do you want? What design and shape do you have in mind? Do you want a simple design or an extravagant swimming pool. Are there any special features you want added, such as water features like a water fall of fountains that flow into your swimming pool. Do you want to attach a spa or add lights to your pool. There’s also deck and patio designs you can choose from. We can build you a dip pool for the summer and a spa for the winter with water features for all year round. There’s no job too big or too small, Premier’s licensed Tucson pool builders have the training and experience to handle these kinds of tasks.

Orange CoiuntyArrange for an installation date, then our Tucson pool builders will design your in your backyard to receive the measurements they need to start the installation process. The installation process is broken into three major parts, the first is excavation which is placing measurements and digging out the whole where your swimming pool will be put. The second step is framing, essentially our Tucson pool builders go in and they smooth out the mold of the swimming pool, put in support bars and concrete the walls and install all the pumps and wires, getting ready for the final step, which is Finishing. The finishing step is places the outer shell of your swimming pool into the ground. If you were to get vinyl or fiberglass, there are the two different shells that with be placed. The third option is the gunite style pool, so the Tucson pool builders will pour the concrete, sand, pebble and glass mixture into the pool mold. They’ll also install any add features you wanted in your swimming pool at this time.

Free Evaluation: Are you looking for a pool renovation? Or just looking to build a swimming pool in your backyard? Contact Premier Pools and Spas today and figure out the next steps you need to take, so you get your dream swimming pool started today.