If you have some creative pool ideas in Charlotte, you can turn them into reality with the help of an experienced pool designer. No matter the size of your backyard, there is a swimming pool for every space. You can think of any style ranging from modern and sleek designs to Mediterranean and tropical influences. Pools come in every shapes, size, design, and type to suit your imagination. Here are some dazzling pool ideas that you can turn into reality.

pool ideas for families

Fun with the Family

If you have kids around, you can recreate the magic of a water park in your own pool. It is an experience that appeals to all age groups. You can choose a freeform pool with waterfalls, pool slides, a diving board, and colorful landscaping to enjoy with your entire family. Also, you can design tropical landscaping that makes your pool area look like a stunning island retreat.

Tropical Lighting Accents

Illuminate your pool area with landscape lighting, underwater lighting, and waterfall lighting for a mystical beauty. Choose soft and color-changing LED lights in different tones for vivid lighting that brings more focus to your pool.

Wood Decking

For a tropical charm, you can integrate the pool design with wood decking. It reflects the pristine beauty of tropical plantation in your backyard. Surround the area with lush plants and use ambient lights.

Beach-Style Entry Pool

If you fancy the idea of swimming on the beach every morning, choose beach-style pool ideas in Charlotte. You can enjoy the sun on concrete or natural stone decking with cement pavers. Use natural pebble finish for the pool and add a beach-entry ledge for the perfect replica of your favorite seaside destination.

lap pool design ideas

A Stunning Lap Pool

For avid swimmers, there can’t be a pool design better than a lap pool. Choose a 16-foot or 18-foot lap pool if you have ample in your backyard. Illuminate the pool with soft LED lights and choose subtle water features to accentuate its urbane charm.

A Colonial Poolscape

You can give your outdoor design a complete makeover with a historical renovation based on colonial revival. It should be complete with historical hardscape, landscaping, colorful tiles, and traditional water features.

Modern Pool with a Cabana

Replace your old patio with a modern cabana that blends luxury and functional features. You can choose oversize plant containers to place around the pool. Add a fountain feature to the pool and build an outdoor kitchen with a linear fireplace. This project will become your private oasis with a cabana that includes heaters, kitchen, and a hearth.

Pool with an Attached Spa

A modern home needs a luxurious and relaxed setting. Here, you can try the best pool ideas in Charlotte that incorporate a spa into your pool. Build an attached spa that offers you comfortable soak in warm water on the chilly days. Also, include a shallow wading pool where you can set up lounge furniture to enjoy the beauty and fun of your pool.

These are some outstanding pool ideas in Charlotte that you can turn into a reality with the help of expert pool professionals.