There are many different options when it comes to choosing a pool filter. Sand, cartridge, and DE filters. Are all filters created equally? Certainly not! Although all help the circulatory system of your pool, and all aid in filtering out debris. Each filter preforms those tasks at a different level.

Redding Pool Filter

What Type of Filter Do I Need for my Pool?

DE filters are going to be the superior choice between the three. You deserve the best type of filter for your pool maintenance needs. DE filters can trap particles in your pool down to the micron. It can trap particles down to 3 – 5 microns; well below what the naked eye can see, which is around 35 micron. Now that’s efficient! DE filters are much like the other filters in the sense that they need to be cleaned when the pressure gauge is raised 5-10 psi. However in every other sense, DE is unique.

DE Powder. How is it used?

D.E. stands for diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is the microscopic skeletons of Diatoms, an ancient sub aquatic creature, sort of like algae. Under the microscope, diatoms and perlite appear to be tiny sponges. This spongelike attribute is what makes it so great as a filtering material. How do you measure DE? DE is such a light substance, so when measuring a pound of DE it could be compared to sixteen ounces of liquid. A pound is the standard measurement. Be aware that too much DE will clog up the filter and not enough will allow too much pressure an in turn shorten the life of your filter. Using a DE scoop is recommended to ensure the proper amount of DE powder.

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Cleaning the DE filter

When cleaning your DE filter keep in mind that you will likely loose about seventy percent of the filter powder. So you will only need about three fourths of a pound of DE powder ready to add after you finish your cleaning. Once the pressure gage has risen at least five to ten psi you are ready to clean. Cleaning a DE filter is simple. All you need to do is simple backwash the filter. The backwashing process involves moving the filter valve so that the water flows through the filter tank backwards, flushing out the grime, hence the name back-washing. You will need one of two things to backwash your filter. Either a backwashing hose, or a slide valve. The process for each of these is slightly different. Whichever you choose, be sure to carefully follow the manufactures instructions.

What Type of Filter do I Need for my Pool? 1

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