Types of Pool Entry: Baja Shelf, Steps, or Beach Entry

When designing the pool that fits your home and family, you have to consider more than just where it fits in your backyard.

How are you planning to step into your pool? And who is using your pool?

The types of pool entry can vary greatly depending on whether you are designing a pool for adults or children or even your pets.

One popular type of pool entry is the shelf feature. You might have heard it called a baja shelf, an acapulco shelf, a cabo shelf, shamu shelf, sun shelf, or a tanning shelf. Sounds like a lot of shelves right?

types of pool entry- baja shelves

We at Premier Pools and Spas like to call it the baja shelf. It is essentially an oversized second step that allows for a standing area with a few inches of water. It’s just enough to get your feet wet. The shelf lets you sit with your kids or possibly your cat or dog and splash around without full immersion in the water. Some even set up lounge chairs on their baja shelf with a nice umbrella to protect from the sun.

baja shelf with lounging area

Then there’s the beach entry set up which is fun for somebody wanting a unique pool that stands out. It’s also really good for someone with a physical handicap. So somebody in a wheelchair could quite literally wheel themselves into the pool for a great time!

a beach entry into your pool

When all else fails there is always the simple steps are the traditional type of pool entry that will guide you into your pool. But be ready to think outside the box. Whether you want something angular, geometric or freeform to suit your décor, ideas and tastes.

traditional underwater pool steps

Whatever your preferences when it comes to types of pool entry, Premier Pools can help you bring your design ideas into reality.

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