Every pool owner wants a sparkling pool that is free from bacteria and dust. There are several ways to achieve this – from pool chemicals to treating water with UV light. Using Ultra Violet light for pool water treatment is a revolutionary way to improvise on your pool maintenance.

What Is An UV Pool Sanitation?

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Pool maintenance with UV sanitation is an innovative approach that uses state-of-the-art technology and a non-chemical process for pool cleaning. This feature uses germicidal UV rays to sanitize the air, water, and the pool surfaces that are contaminated. A profoundly intense germicidal light ray alters the RNA or DNA of the bacteria, algae, protozoa, cysts, or viruses that affect your pool. This electromagnetic energy also destroys other organic matter and reduces the risk of chlorine by-products.

How Does Ultraviolet Pool Sanitizes Work?

The UV light is installed in-line after your pool’s filtration system. The UV sanitation system reproduces UV radiation using powerful lamps that are placed inside the light chambers. These emit germicidal UV light and disinfects your pool and spa water. Pool water treatment using this system requires fewer chemicals and allow the sanitizers to perform effectively. The degree of efficiency depends on aspects like pH, water’s hardness, and other influencing factors.

The UV lamps are placed inside an industrial graphite housing and are optimized for high rates of flow. The lamp is protected from the passing water by a specialized quartz glass sleeve. This arrangement transmits 99.9% of UV light and destroys organic matters. The ultraviolet rays enter the cell walls of the pathogens. This means, no disease-causing organism can escape from the strong dose of UV light.

What Are The Benefits Of Using UV Light?


Using UV light for pool water treatment is one of the safest methods to employ. The UV lamps are securely bound in a high-impact polymer housing. This arrangement will ensure that UV rays do not escape from the sterilization chamber and enter your pool.

It is also an environment-friendly process. Ultraviolet rays use physical process rather than a chemical. This feature makes UV rays a popular choice for improving the pool’s sanitation. The UV light has no residual effect that can harm your family, pets, aquatic life, and plant life. You will also be spared from handling, or storing dangerous chemicals.

Highly Effective

Ultraviolet technology is the best available form for pool disinfection. Did you know that chemical disinfection uses 90% of the chemicals for oxidation and only 10% for sanitation? UV, on the other hand, does both.

Have you noticed the crystal-clear waters of the Olympic pool? Underwater cameras can clearly shoot the entire pool surface. How is this possible? The secret lies in ultraviolet disinfection. Using UV systems is cost-effective and will give your pool a lasting shine.

Other Benefits

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UV technology works on all kinds of microorganisms and is non-corrosive. You can also be free from the worry of allergic residues. UV rays do not affect your pool’s aesthetic in any manner. So, you will get the dual advantage of enjoying clean pool water and a visually stunning pool simultaneously.

Ultraviolet light turns pool maintenance into a lively task. This chemical-free process guarantees you a sparkling pool without the hazards of toxic by-products. Implementing this feature will make your pool safer and healthier for your family to use.

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