Millionaire Designs Custom Under Water Bungalow

Steve Fisher owns one of the most incredible homes in the world because his entire basement is underwater. Usually when someone says that, it’s time to call a plumber, however in this case – it was intentional! This unique one-of-a-king Singapore home boasts an Underwater Bungalow that is guaranteed to impress everyone that stops by. There are some major resorts with these underwater rooms, but not many people see homeowners with their own underwater basement pool.

No there are no fish in this basement swimming pool, there are people though. Being inside the home is equally surreal as you’re in a complete entertainment room and surrounded by a swimming pool. You’re not in a dark basement, you are completely surrounded by sunlight.


Thinking of a Basement Pool?

When you think of a basement you don’t think to see sunlight, or be surrounded by 4 and ½ thick plastic walls with the pressure of half a million pounds of water. Steve has simply accomplished this underwater entertainment room. The cost of this amazing room is over one million dollars that’s just the room alone, not to mention the rest of his bungalow.

Interested in Getting Your Own?

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