Could a Uni-Deck Pool be Right for you?

uni-deck pools are a great starting point

A uni-deck pool is a great starting point for any swimming pool buyer. It is a beautiful pool, built for a great value, in order to bring you maximum savings.

Many pools are built with an exterior deck that is separate from the pool. It is made from poured concrete or set pavers. But with the uni-deck pool, the coping of the pool is built to be much wider than the standard. Usually a uni-deck pool’s coping will be between 12 to 30 inches wide. This means the rim of your pool is built wide enough to act as your pool coping and your deck. The coping is veneered with broken irregular flagstone pieces or Noche Travertine.

Since the deck is built into the structure of the pool, it won’t ‘settle’ over time. This refers to the tendency for a deck that is built separate from the gunite, to minutely shift higher or lower over time.

We recommend the travertine for the geometric uni-deck pools and flagstone for the freeform pools. And since this is a smaller pool it is great for younger swimmers and smaller backyards! All of our uni-deck swimming pools, come complete with our Jandy pump filter to keep your water clear and clean. When the building is done, the end result is a splendid swimming pool that fits your needs perfectly.