­­With time, your backyard pool incurs damages whether that’s due to the number of years you’ve had it, or exposure to natural elements. When this happens, you need to consider pool upgrades to make the most of your backyard. A combination of aesthetic and functional features can do the trick. Adding more modern amenities and technological features will bring more gains over time. Here are some upgrades that you can consider for remodeling your pool:

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Upgrade with Resurfacing

No matter how hard you try, your pool needs resurfacing or re-plastering after some time. When the surface of your pool wears down due to age, it needs sprucing up. You have choices like vinyl, gunite, and fiberglass for resurfacing of your pool. You can also go with traditional choices for re-plastering or retiling.­­

With new aggregate finishes, you’ll augment the safety and beauty of your pool. For decorative accents, there are pebbles, quartz, and stone resurfacing options to choose from.

Upgrade the Tiles

Like any pool owner, you know the necessity to clean your pool regularly. Regardless of your cleaning regime, your pool accumulates grime that masks its internal beauty and hygiene.

Tiling the waterline in a swimming pool is important to hide the water level. With times, these levels become unsightly. Hence, you must mask them with new tiles. It hides the waterline and improves the overall beauty of your pool.

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Upgrade the Lighting

Proper lights not only illuminate your pool but also work as a safety feature. If your pool does not feature lights, you must include them in your pool upgrades checklist. Add LED lighting that changes the ambiance without burning a hole in your pocket.

LED lights are available in variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to suit your landscape. They boost the ambiance of the pool and save a lot in your utility bills.

Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Features

When you consider pool remodeling, put some thoughts to add energy efficient features. Use pool equipment and materials that need lesser energy. There are solar powered lights to save your monthly electricity bills. Also, you can choose variable speed pool pumps that save both energy and environment.

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Upgrade the Pool Deck

Due to elements, your pool deck suffers wear, chipping paint, and splinters. When these happen, you may think about a complete upgrade of the deck. Here, you can choose the option of composite materials. They add a unique look to your outdoors and extend the lifespan of the deck. You can also customize the pool deck in colors and designs that merge with the existing landscape.

Upgrade to Automated Features

For functionality and convenience, you can upgrade your pool features to the automated systems. They can be controlled by a smartphone. Thankfully, there are smart systems that you can connect to the pool heater, pump, filter, or actuator to allow easy flow of commands. With a single tap on your smartphone, you can switch your pool to a hot tub spa.

If you are considering any of these pool upgrades in Fresno, get in touch with a professional pool contractor.

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