How To Use A Swimming Pool Vacuum

You may be curious as to why you would even need to know how to use a swimming pool vacuum. If you already have a pool cleaner to skim the bottom of your pool for dirt and debris. Surely after you made that investment you expected to be hands free when it came to your pool maintenance. Keep reading to learn why you need a pool vacuum and how to use it.

Some homeowners may find that their swimming pool vacuum doesn’t always take care of all the debris that is in their swimming pool. Often times a vacuum can toss debris back into the water while trying to clean a very dirty pool or a pool with algae. If you find yourself dealing with a algae problem, you will have to face the facts. You will need to manually vacuum the pool in order to relieve the algae from your pool.

What tools do you need to vacuum your pool?

What you’ll need to vacuum your pool: a telescopic pole, a vacuum head, a vacuum hose, and a skim vac or vacuum plate. Before assembling the vacuum make sure that your pool pump and pool filter are running. Now attach the swimming pool vacuum head to the open end of the telescopic pole. Then, attach one end of the hose to the vac head.

Now place the contraption into the pool water. Next, place the other end of the vacuum hose against a return jet in the pool. This will push water through the hose. Wait for all the air to be pushed out of the hose. You can tell if this has occurred once all the bubbles from the hose stop rising to the surface of the water.

Now attach the vacuum plate to the end of the hose you’d previously placed against the return jet. Lastly, use your hand to block the opening and attach it to the skimmer. Now you are ready to vacuum!

How to properly vacuum your pool.

Now that you are ready to vacuum, make sure to clear your calendar for the afternoon. Begin in the shallow end of the pool. Slowly make your way across the pool floor. Make sure to use long and slow strokes as you are vacuuming. It would be wise to overlap these strokes to ensure the greatest clean.

Swimming Pool Vacuum

What to do after you vacuum your pool?

Once you’ve finished cleaning your pool, remove the swimming pool vacuum head and drain any water that may be in the vacuum hose. Then, attach the brush head to the pool and get ready to scrub away! Next, go ahead and clean out your pump strainer basket, followed by a back-washing. Clearly through this process you are going to lose a decent amount of pool water, so once you are done you are going to want to add the appropriate amount of fresh water to restore your swimming pool to it’s proper volume.

Finally, test the pool waters alkalinity, PH, and chlorine levels to ensure that your pool chemicals are balanced correctly.

If your swimming pool doesn’t have the right amount of chemicals, add the appropriate amount of chemicals to your pool. Once you’ve completed this your done! Take a load off , sit back and relax. Reflect upon the time you spent beautifying your swimming pool. Was it worthwhile? If not, you can consider investing in a robotic pool cleaner. It’ll save you precious time and energy.

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