Your swimming pool is at its best when it is clean. You are able to conduct fun backyard pool parties when you have a clean swimming pool and clean landscaping. One thing that can help with your swimming pool maintenance is an automatic pool cleaner. Keep reading if you want to learn what automatic pool cleaners are the best for your swimming pool.

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Which Automatic Pool Cleaners Work the Best

There are a lot of automatic pool cleaners to choose from, so this is an article where you can find out what which ones are the best. When you are searching for the perfect automatic pool cleaner for your swimming pool these are some things that you want to keep in mind.

  • Picking a pool cleaner that can handle the size of your pool
  • Can the automatic pool cleaner pick up the type of debris that falls into your pool
  • Does the automatic pool cleaner work on all surfaces

 What Are the Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners

There are self-powered robotic cleaners, suction side cleaners, pressured side cleaners that has their own pumps, and lastly pressured side cleaners that uses your swimming pool for power.

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Which Automatic Pool Cleaner is Best for your Swimming Pool

Robotic Pool Cleaner

These pool cleaners automatically clean the floor of your swimming pool, as well as the steps and walls of your pool. They are very similar to robotic vacuum cleaners that are used in homes. They float, climb, and roll all around your swimming pool to collect the debris that may be sitting at the bottom. All of the debris is collected into a bag that is attached to the cleaner and can easily be removed and disposed of.

Pressure Side Cleaners 

Pressure side cleaners use water pressure either from their own pump or from the swimming pool pump to collect debris and push it up into a bag that is already attached to the pool cleaner. From there you can remove the bag, which can be disposed of properly. With wheels as the base, this type of unit wanders around the bottom of the pool.

Suction Side Cleaners

The suction automatic pool cleaners are the most affordable out of the three that we have discussed. While it is the most inexpensive pool cleaner, it is limited to what it can do. This pool cleaner attaches to your existing pool filter, but doesn’t require an extra pump. Based on how much power your pool equipment has is how to determine how much power your automatic pool cleaner will have.

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