When summertime comes to an end it should not mean the end of your time at the swimming pool. Most homeowners have learned how they can enjoy to their SW Louisiana pools in the winter season. This makes their backyard oasis a feature to use year-round. There are lots of ways to utilize your swimming pool during the winter season. Understanding what steps to take will make it simple to make the most of the investment you have made. You will also have a lot of fun with friends and family.

SW Louisiana Pools

Use your SW Louisiana pools in the winter months by considering some of these tips.

1. Fireplace or fire pit:

If you love plunging in cold water, you might think about having comfortable blankets, fire pit or fireplace, and outdoor heaters. This will allow you to enjoy the pool area while keeping warm. It’s the best way to have pool parties even during the cold months.

2. Cold plunge:

For generations, a lot of people have been taking ice cold swims in very cold water. Some do this to cool after soaking in a spa, some for the health benefits, while others because it’s thrilling.

Should you choose to keep your SW Louisiana pools open year-round, you can use the backyard pool like a cold water swim, or a cold water plunge if you want.

SW Louisiana Pools

3. Spas:

Premier Pools, SW Louisiana pool builders offer pool designs with built in spas. When you have a heated spa, get ready to enjoy it even when it is very cold to take a dip in a pool. Or, use the pool as a cold plunge and use the spa to warm yourself.

4. Heat the pool for winter swimming:

The easiest way to enjoy the winter season is by having a heated pool in your SW Louisiana backyard. It lets you use backyard oasis anytime without extensive planning.

A heated pool is perfect for keeping up your workout routine. You can do underwater workouts or swim laps regardless of what time of year you are in.

You can extend the amount of time you utilize your SW Louisiana pools annually using pool heaters. Also, when you are not using the pool it’s important that you use a pool cover to help keep the pool water from becoming too cold.

5. Indoor pools:

While most people enjoy owning a backyard pool to enjoy the natural light, an indoor pool has benefits as well. You do not need to worry about outside weather; you can enjoy the pool even when it is dull and raining outdoors. At the same time, you can enjoy your pool regardless of the temperature. You might also find that the pool needs less cleaning because there is no debris, bugs or leaves to clean up.

SW Louisiana Pools

SW Louisiana pools – Conclusion

Even if you choose not to actually take a dip in your pool during cold months, the pool may still be open year-round and be an aesthetically appealing addition to your outdoor space even in the cold months. You might find you like looking out at the pool water even during the cold months. Whether you decide to winterize your Louisiana backyard pool or keep it open, SW Louisiana pools offer a lot of joy and fun. Get started with your pool purchase! Contact Premier Pools & Spas of SW Louisville today!

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