When you are thinking about the summer season in Vacaville, you may remember that you wanted to make some upgrades to your swimming pool and backyard. This article is going to cover pool renovation ideas and why you should renovate your pool for this season.

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Pool Renovation Ideas & Why to Renovate

There are many different reasons to renovate your swimming pool, and a little upgrade never hurt anyone. You may have seen new, more modern pool designs pop up on your Facebook feed and they’re ones that you really enjoy. Which is why Premier Pools & Spas can make your new pool dreams come true. We are able to transform your backyard and make it look exactly how you want it to. We are even able to upgrade your equipment to make your swimming pool run more energy efficient and environment friendly. Whether you’re reshaping your swimming pool or adding in new water features, we can do it all!

Creating an Enjoyable Pool

The idea of having a swimming pool is so that you can have fun during the summer months with your friends and family. Adding new features or plants will make your backyard and swimming pool look new and improved. Having the option for pool renovation is where all your dreams can become a reality. Everyone will love the change of pace and new designs you decided to incorporate into your backyard and pool.

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Adding Features to Your Pool

There are many features you can add to your swimming pool when you are undergoing pool renovation. Based on the environment you want for your backyard, you have the option to add a sunken grill & bar into your pool renovation, add in fire pits and various water features that could flow into your pool, or even attach a spa to your swimming pool. These are all ideas to create a relaxing backyard. For a more upbeat and playful environment, you have the options of adding a big waterfall that you can jump from, or add a diving board to your swimming pool.

As you are deciding on the features that you want to add, you can write your wish list with all of the pool renovation ideas that you have. Once you have the list of features together, you can give us a call to get an idea on the pricing and how you should move forward with your pool renovation.

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What is Going to Work for Your Backyard?

Once you have an idea of what you want and the cost of everything that you want, you need to make sure it is all going to fit into your yard. You should let us know your yard size and conditions as soon as you contact us so that we can help you understand what is possible for your backyard when it comes to pool renovation. If your yard has a lot of hills or if there is a big drop off, we need to know so we can understand how we can best help you. We’ve seen a lot in our 30 years of pool work so give us a call today.

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